Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Night to Go

I have already made a couple decisions too, one which is to stop by a Tim Hortons on the way to work tonight for a snack and something to drink (I want to win at least *once* from the cups), and tomorrow night, I'd like to get supper from Wendys. Why? Because I've had $5 in the pocket of my work pants ever since the beginning of the week that I was planning to buy food with before leaving one night, but ended up just taking it, and didn't do anything else with the money after that. Every single night after that though, I sort of wanted to go there (Tim Hortons) on the way home, but figured it would be pointless, because I'd have to work the following day and there would be nothing special about it, so I would wait until Friday night. It is now Friday night, so all that stands in the way now is going to work for one more close. As for Wendys, Manoah ended up calling his Mom last night to bring him cough drops and to pick up some food from there, which got me to thinking that I would really like to get something as well, but only had my debit card then, and even if I gave it to them would probably be too busy getting line cleaned up and doing other things to have a chance to eat.

Therefore, that leaves me with two things to do tomorrow, and most definitely a third for right now, but it's normally nothing out of the ordinary, and I'm not going to explain what makes it special this time.

I am actually looking forward to going in tonight though, because I left the following note for Earl on one of the tills before we left yesterday. "Earl: we have been out of white pads for the grill for close to (possibly more) 4 weeks. If some have been ordered, disregard this note, but if not, consider doing so." Yeah, it should read "close to (possibly more *than*)...", but I was running out of space, and he should get the point anyways. One more was found somewhere back at the beginning of last week, but next time they come in, I am going to take, say, 4 or 5 out of the box right away and hide them somewhere, because they get used up too quickly. Also, the grill is close to being broken in and of itself (James was saying something about there being a short in the cord), but that's not nearly interesting enough to continue writing about.

Anyways, I'm going to go play around with StumbleUpon for another ten minutes or so, then see about finding supper again (or maybe not, because there wasn't much when I came home last night), so this is once again done for now~

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