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Let's See if they Actually Do It

I sent a suggestion to "the GMail team" about ten minutes ago saying they should consider updating the message that's displayed when there are no emails in the Trash, because it still says you should never need to delete any when you have over 2,000MB of storage, yet the amount is, as of this moment, up to 7,307MB. Amusingly enough, I have yet to use one full percent of that, and the only reason I've used so much space as is has been from sending Manoah several songs both as attachments and to links where I found them in the past, among other things. Yeah, their message is still technically correct because it says "over", but that's a rather large stretch. Also, whoever keeps uploading songs to the Nico Nico Douga database (link is over there to the right) can kindly stop now, because I've already downloaded about 20 new MP3s from that site since I got home, and my desktop is probably a mess, when I just had it nice and organized yesterday evening.

Anyways, the one thing I really want to write about now (and also the reason for me being up this early in the morning) is work. It also works for another purpose though, because I received an email regarding this yesterday afternoon, and if anybody is going to be looking at my LJ to see what can be done about fixing that problem, it would be helpful to have an entry with a cut at the top of the page.

To begin, when I got there tonight it looked like it had been slow. There were no customers in the dining room, and nobody on line, so I figured the current drop in temperature must have been discouraging everybody from flocking to the place like they were during days previous. That was immediately proven to be wrong when I walked over to front cash, and saw both Earl and Steve standing there, with Steve trying to convince Earl that something else Mike wants us to do on closes now is really going to prove to be a pain with everything else we need to do. That thing is filtering both fryers (draining the oil into the filter machine and filling it back up afterwards), and he was making the argument that we already have spraying the floors to do, along with prep, dishes that the day staff can magically never get done, and orders as well when it's busy, and it will be with summer getting ever closer, and that is too much.

Earl's responses were along the lines of it being something Mike wanted done, therefore it would *have* to be done, and on a nightly basis at that, and I was just starting to think for myself that Mike needed to take a step back and think about how much he was expecting us to do, when he walked up on line and stood there watching Steve and Earl make an order. That was the first time I've seen him since my birthday a couple years ago when Josh took me out for lunch (or rather, we went to visit his Grandpa and when we learned that he had already eaten went somewhere different than originally planned), so my first thoughts were "He's not staying here until we close, is he? That would really make the night suck...". He ended up leaving at 9:30 or so, but it was still fun.

Anyways, in one paragraph, here's what's going on now. We are, on a nightly basis, expected to filter both fryers, which involves turning one off and letting it cool down to about a hundred degrees, running the oil through the machine, then turning the fryer back on, waiting until it's up to the proper temperature, then do the same with the other one. All told, there's about half an hour required for either cooling down or cleaning up, plus about ten minutes for actually filtering the things, which adds up to almost two hours for that one job, during which time there would undoubtedly be orders to be taken care of and other things to be done as well. Thankfully, on the schedule that's being drawn up right now we're going to be given at least three closers, with more on the weekend, so hopefully we'll be able to work out some way to get it done in a timely fashion and still take care of the things we do now.

In particular, dishes, and orders, because the day / supper staff are supposedly going to be expected to do all the prep. The only other time consuming thing is scrubbing the floors, but if worse comes to worse, that can be something that gets done just before we leave, because Mike himself has said that he's happy to pay us for however much longer it takes us to get everything done. That was much to Earl's dismay, and still, if we're there more than an hour and a half after closing and are still getting stuff done, I will start getting impatient myself, but we'll see what happens with having more closers on.

As for the shift tonight, it went quite badly up until 10:30 or so, and I ended up steaming every single order except for two or three Manoah made while I was counting Brandon's till, so I'm quite satisfied :3

It is now, unfortunately, 7:30am, and I want to be up at 3 tomorrow afternoon to do something I haven't been able to for the past couple days, then there's also going to Wendys for supper and other fun things <3 I did, of course, go to Tim Hortons on the way home tonight too, and didn't win anything with my cup (aside from an invitation to play again), but I got to wondering while walking down Wellington if they have ever had anybody demand a refund because they didn't win anything. Possibly, but the answer would be a simple "No. You paid for the drink, not the cup". Yeah. I'm going to bed now~

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