Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just a Little bit on Work

I don't see how people can stand eating these cinnamon twists. They're disgustingly cold, and there's hardly any cinnamon sugar on them :s We got out of there pretty late tonight, and I've got paint all over my hands. Not the sort of thing you'd think would happen at a fast food place, but it did.

See, apparently we're having a store audit sometime soon, and one of the things Earl wanted done to get in into better shape was for someone to clean and repaint all the vents on the ceilings. Josh got given that job, and at first he was supposed to be in at 11 this morning to do that, but something or other happened that prevented him from doing so, and he ended up asking me if I'd help him tonight, seeing as I would get paid for it, and I agreed. It didn't take a terribly long time (only 'till 1:30) though, so that helped.

As for the rest of the night, it wasn't too bad. I left the house early again, and upon walking in, Josh asked me if I wanted to take over drive through for Chris, or go back to do dishes. I'm sure you can guess what I chose to do. It was a good thing too, because I was back there for an hour and a half getting them all done. Finally, at 8:30, I walked back up to the front, helped expedite for a bit, then steamed a couple orders, before I had to go on drive through. At first, either me or Josh were going to be on it, and really, Josh should have been. Reason being is because he was coughing like you wouldn't believe tonight. There were several times while he was steaming, where he'd start having a coughing fit, turn around, and cover his mouth with his hands, and once he was able to breathe normally again, went right back to steaming without so much as washing his hands. I am being nitpicky though, because I didn't want to be on drive through. Meh. Things worked anyways.

I'm back on tomorrow from 7 - close, then I have two days off after that (finally). After that, I'm back on for another 5 days, then I've got at least two more off.

Anyways, once again, I'm cutting this short here. All these recent closes are starting to catch up to me. It was nice to be closed at 12 tonight, instead of 4 though :p

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