Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have Weird Taste in Music

At least that's what my desktop would seem to prove right now. I have the song found here, which is nothing more than a combination of several others, along with this one, which prominently features the word "die", as well as Caramelldansen and two remixes of it, other albums or folders devoted to specific types of music (Nico Nico Douga, for example), and a song from Dyno that's quite nice to put on when I lay down to go to sleep at night. Alternately, do take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean ^^;

On a completely different note, this laptop's touchpad is extremely sensitive, in a bad way. Originally I was getting quite irritated with it and thinking that Toshiba really screwed up, but as it turns out, if there is so much as a hair resting on it, the cursor will go everywhere but where you want it to :x Other than that, it's still working fine, although Firefox is getting to be what it's like on the old laptop, in that opening a new window when the program is already loaded will cause it to stop responding for a good ten to fifteen seconds. Fiddling around a bit, the amount of lag seems to be directly proportional to how large the download list is though (whether the files be complete or still downloading), so that's odd. JamLegend hasn't been as lagged lately either, but that's probably more luck than anything

So yeah. It's 7:12 in the morning right now, and I'm laying here in bed pretty much wide awake. The same actually happened yesterday morning, and sleeping was sort of funny anyways, because I woke up at 9 to go to the bathroom, then again at noon because I had a dream that I'd received an email I was expecting and wanted to check, then didn't go back to sleep for about a half hour after that because there was a rather large bug crawling up the wall behind my tails, and I both wanted to get up and kill it so it would not, say, lay eggs in one and cause more bugs to eventually come out of said tail (yeah, it's unlikely but these are the thoughts that go through my head when I'm not completely awake), so eventually I got up and crumpled the last of the roll of toilet paper left over from when I had a cold into a ball, grabbed the bug, squeezed the (toilet) paper together far too firmly (for it was very important to make sure it was dead), then went over and deposited it into the garbage, all the while quite angrily thinking "No, you stupid bug. I don't care where you crawl, as long as you are NOWHERE NEAR MY TAILS". Then I laid back down in bed and scratched my nose because it was itching, and shortly after that noticed everything was starting to smell like some sort of insect ;_;

Another thought came to me back around midnight while I was talking to Dyno too, involving filtering the fryers on closes now. Yes, they are giving us at least three closers so it will be easier to get all those things done, but even with that extra help, we will still be screwed when summer busyness comes. Therefore, next time I see Earl or Mike I plan on asking one of them what they would think of us filtering one of the fryers one night, and the other the next. The biggest problem with that would be making sure the closing manager for the following night knew which fryer still needed to be done, but most of the time there's at least one closer who overlaps between the two nights and could tell them which one had already been done. Mike and Earl could very well flat out disagree with it, but at this point, I seriously feel their "requests" are starting to get excessive, and would like to find some middle ground that we can both agree on.

Just like that, I have run out of things to say though, and it would probably be a good time to get to bed, so I will do that~

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