Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Dreams Will Never Stop Taunting Me

The shorter part of the one I can remember involved somebody (it might've been Naomi) repeatedly closing the screen on my old laptop, which I kept asking them to stop doing, getting more and more irritated each time. It felt like if they did not stop, the screen would cease to work after only two or three more times being closed, but instead of picking it up and moving it, I just sat there and opened it again when necessary. It does fit quite well with real life though, because that laptop has not been closed since I moved everything over to this one. Restarted, yes. Used for chatting on Skype, yes. Opening Firefox by accident and watching a movie that Granite sent Dyno and I a link to earlier tonight, yes, but the screen remains where it is, and the whole laptop hasn't been moved much either, aside from nudging it over a bit to plug this one back in when coming back upstairs from washing the dishes. Speaking of which, I didn't have to do them tonight after all, but I'm getting off-topic.

It began with me in my room, laying in bed, when Mom and Dad came in with something for me. They didn't use the actual word, but it looked like a fursuit, designed to look like Empoleon, and they were giving it to me because they thought it was something I wanted. However, before I was even able to try it on, it suddenly switched to be made out of a decidedly different material, which I wouldn't have been able to fit into without being about a centimetre tall. I did, however check to make sure it was still in working condition, and after seeing that it was, really hoped that they would leave it in my room.

It continued with me laying back down on my bed, grabbing what looked like a large one of these, just without the ends, and proceeding to suck the air out of it. I'm pretty sure normal light bulbs work even with air in them, so that rather ruins that thread of logic, but meh. While doing so though, the stuffed tiger I have on the chair at the end of my bed had come to life, and was laying on my legs sniffing at the end of the light bulb shaped thing that was facing towards it. Then I started getting worried because I thought it was going to attack me, and woke up shortly after that.

Sort of weird, and I could be alot more specific, but no :3

Other things tonight include being asked by Naomi earlier tonight if I still have the stuff I used to help my tattoo heal, because she's apparently going to get one tomorrow. The answer is "Yes", but I have use for it, so she can get out to Shoppers on her own and buy a bottle with her money like I did. On a somewhat related note, Dyno mentioned once again earlier that when I visit he is either going to add to mine with marker, or somehow cover it up, so that will be interesting ^^; I'd be more concerned if I thought he was actually serious, but aside from cutting your skin quite deep and pushing a marker right into it, the ink would still come off eventually, and it'd be silly to assume he's serious. Well, I'd really hope not, but I trust him enough to believe he wouldn't seriously do that sort of thing ^^

Anyways, it's now 5:30, and I'm not restarting this entry a second time, so I'm going to post it then see about getting to sleep since I'm going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow~

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