Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something to Do With my Night

Steve just called, wanting to know if I could come in for a bit to help with the dishes and do other cleaning up, and I said yes, because frankly, I'm not doing anything constructive here right now. Playing Pokemon Platinum and listening to stuff on the other laptop is about it, and I was thinking earlier that I'd like to go out to Tim Hortons to get out of the house for a bit, but would not want to have to spend even more money after yesterday, so this way, I can bring along my free donut thing to use on the way home, and still satisfy all three desires. As for work, James apparently had to be sent home because he was sick, but my only concern with heading up there to help for a bit is not having to stay to close, and I made that perfectly clear when talking to Steve.

Other than the things mentioned above though, today has been quite boring, outside of talking to DJ much earlier yesterday morning, because Dyno was busy with other things. Nothing of extreme interest was said then, aside from wondering about a couple things I saw online being April Fools' day pranks (link 1, and link 2), followed by an idea of my own. It involves sending Michele an email when I get home from work on Tuesday to say I won't be in on Wednesday, then showing up anyways. Honestly, that does seem sort of... pointless, but I really don't have the nerve to email her and say I wouldn't be able to come in ever again, or something else of the sort.

Anyways, I told Steve I'd be there around 10:30, and I'll have to leave now to accomplish that. Hopefully there aren't too many dishes~

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