Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Never Going to End

Is it a Bubbler, or is it a drinking fountain? First of all, thank Dyno for making me have to ask, because we were discussing using "soda" vs "pop" when he said he had something that would really get me going, and that's what it was ^^; To be purely technical, I think it should be called a drinking fountain, because although it's a fountain, and water does come out of it, that water is intended for drinking, while other water fountains (found in parks, for example), are more than likely not. There's also a good chance bubbles don't come out of them, but I very much doubt when you walk up to one and push the button or lever, *just* water comes out. Yeah, if you read the Bubbler page, it gives a slight explanation of why it's called that, but nowadays, water comes out of the things at an angle, and not straight up. Now, show me a fountain that's broken so that mostly bubbles come out of it, and I'd be happy to call it a bubbler, but the sign on it would more than likely say "Out of order", and we'd have a whole new thing to worry about.

Today has actually been rather interesting in regards to talking, because we did earlier this afternoon, during which I was mostly angry because I've been waiting on a couple things to change since the weekend and they haven't yet, then also, well, simply put, somebody who's no longer releasing their Oblivion mods randomly chose to point out that they had been working on one to play as a snow leopard, and used that to effectively say "Ha ha you can't have this". To be fair, they did post one... interesting picture, through which two more could be seen by changing the filename slightly, and it's still nice to at least have those, but yeah. Then I tried to explain that things can change, which is why, provided they eventually put their contact info back on their site, I plan on eventually asking them if they could send the mod. However, my example was that if it were a year ago, not being able to have that mod would've been enough to make me stop playing the game, but that turned out not very well, because he thought I was talking about right now, and the only thing(s) keeping me from playing it these days are not having anything in particular to do in it, and wanting to play Pokemon Platinum some more, as well as still meaning to start into Geneforge 5.

Keilian and I also talked for a bit before I left for work, but for the most part things in there were very sporadic, because I was both trying to play Pokemon Platnium and talk on Skype at the same time. *He* told me to IM him when I got home from work as well, which I did, but thus far, he hasn't responded, and is idle, which I will presume means he's in bed. Dyno also asked me to do the same though, so I did, and we talked in MSN for long enough to clear up something he had said about attending furry cons, then we talked in Skype some more, which was mostly regarding visiting, but also with some infomercial blooper videos on Youtube being watched / listened to, and also, this one, of a hamster in a wok, with the added bonus of creepy heavy breathing in the background.

Work went well, and I ended up getting a ride home from Steve even though it was only quarter after, but meh. My stomach has actually been acting sort of weird for the past couple days, in that until I eat something, I feel fine, but depending on what, it may or may not start hurting rather badly shortly after that. At work tonight, I took a drink from my glass of water, then it came back again, and eating a chicken taquito actually helped, so maybe that's what I should go by instead of just eating only when I'm hungry. If anything happens I'm going to mention it tomorrow though, because right now it's time to go to bed~

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