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LiveJournal is Turning into Twitter ;_;

Or at least that's what this says, in decidedly different words. Is it more than likely a joke? Yes, but Dyno once again asked me to send him a message when I got home from work, which saw us start talking about random (but more serious) things, and the conversation was broken up all of once, by me saying that LiveJournal could go "jump in a lake" because the first *paragraph* of most of my entries is more than 140 characters. I did actually post a private one last night just so I wouldn't forget a few things, and explicitly mentioned that it wasn't going to be long because I needed to go to bed, and it alone was 728 characters long :x Then again, that *would* be an interesting feature to implement, but just so long as you're able to specify the automatic cut character limit on your own. As for the notifications on your friends page, that could come in useful too, but if they really wanted to do that, it would make more sense to just add it to the notifications tab in your account settings. On a more factual note though, I finally got a response to my support request, which sort of solved the problem, but for the time being, I'm just going to wait and see if the bug in the layout is fixed soon, and if not, I'll have to fiddle around with the .author container margins.

As for my own plan for today, an email has been sent to Michele to say I won't be in tomorrow, because I'm getting my hair cut. I did end up including a little bit more to say that I'd be in on Thursday or Friday if my schedule at work permitted, but hopefully when I show up tomorrow (if they don't realize what's going on already) they'll say "He's here today, so doesn't need to be in tomorrow or the day after that." Especially the "day after that", because we're leaving to get our hair cut at ten to 1 or something. Given that, working on Friday night is going to be fun, but I can always try to sleep for a bit longer when we get home, so we'll see about that.

Work tonight went quite well once again, especially because George stayed to help us close when he was supposed to be done at 11. I don't have to work tomorrow, which is really good because apparently it's "welfare day" or something to that effect, which means it will be really busy. What I do want to do is stop by there for supper, not only to get food, but also to actually see Tryphena (Manoah's sister, and I *think* that's how her name is spelled), and have a chance to find out for myself if it's busy or not. If it is, I may very well get called in to help, but my answer to that all depends on how one thing goes in the morning.

Two more fun things happened tonight though. First of all, as I came within sight of Taco Bell and could see into the windows, I noticed some lady standing at it putting her coat on, then she turned around, and looked straight at me. Next to her was another woman, facing the other way, who was tapped on the shoulder by the first woman, so she turned around and looked too, which caused me to sort of put my head down and smile and think "Honestly, just wait for about 30 seconds. I'm coming right in there, and staring from the window is sort of odd." They, however, did not say anything when I actually opened the door and walked in, but after less than five minutes of standing at front cash, one of two guys sitting in the corner (I figure about the same age as me) came up and said he'd seen me walking around everywhere, and wanted to know if there was a reason for the tail and ears. I explained that it was just something I found fun, and he made a comment about it adding up to lots of exercise (that is, quite literally, one of the main reasons I walk to work), then he got his friend to take a picture with his cell phone, said it was his wallpaper, then George told me I had fans, and everything went back to as it had been shortly afterwards. It's not the first time somebody has wanted to take a picture of me, but in any case, that's fun :3

The second thing was on the way home, and was nothing more than a couple guys calling me Adam, and saying that they were sure I was him, and that I went to McGregor. No, I didn't, but the light turned green before anything else could be said, and they pulled away yelling something unintelligible.

Anyways, it's time for bed. By the end of this entry I'll be up to 4611 characters, and that's longer than normal, but meh. That's what happens when I have several detailed things to write about~

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