Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yesterday was Very Confusing

Usually when I get home from work, I check for new things on this laptop including emails, IMs, interesting articles in my RSS feeds, and so on. I did the same thing when I got home last night, and a couple items in Reddit's list caught my eye, so I middle-clicked them, then checked my friends page and got caught up leaving a comment on the Friends Page Redesign entry, and forgot about those other articles. Then, when I eventually switched back to them, one that was labeled as a picture was literally flipped upside down (aside from the comment text), and I figured the page just loaded really strangely or something. After finishing with that, I closed the tab, and was greeted with a site's layout that I've never seen before, and didn't make sense to be seeing because I hadn't clicked any links ;_; Also, the whole site looked like Digg. Still, the best April Fools joke had to be on here, but mostly for that it was the only one that would've had a great effect on me ^^;

As for my plans regarding Heart and Stroke, Michele fell for it, quite awesomely :3 I walked in there shortly after 2, and after she turned around from talking to Yvonne, Michele did a double-take and said she thought she got an email from me. I said yes, so she asked if I had already gone to get my hair cut, which was quickly followed by also asking her what day it was. She said "It's Wednesday", then I asked her again "What *date* is it?", and she thought for a few seconds, then started laughing quite loudly while I tried to explain that we're still going to get our hair cut on Friday (meanwhile Yvonne said I'd have to take my ears off to get my hair cut), then she said that was "A good one" or something similar, and had to hold on to my shoulders because she looked like she was about to collapse from laughing :B The rest of the afternoon went fine (at least from a volunteering perspective), and Julie gave me a card to say "Thanks for your help with the master file" which I paid no mind at first (I was using it as a guide to figure out which line I'd left off at ^^;), then she came up to me and said I should use what was inside of it wisely. What did I find upon getting home and opening it? Ten dollars in movie certificates. Honestly, in this case, a sincere thank-you would be much more appreciated. I don't have anybody to go to the movies with, and I'm not about to go on my own :s However, Naomi's friend that hasn't been here since last summer and one of *her* friends were here this afternoon, so I gave those two certificates plus the $20 in the things from our Christmas party to them.

Most of the night after that was spent either talking to Dyno or playing Pokemon Platinum, then also being extremely worried for about five minutes because I thought some *very* important items had gone missing from my room. As it turned out, they were still where I had left them, but I forgot where that was at first, and thus suspected that Naomi or somebody else had found and taken them, and that would be bad. As for the other things, chatting was mostly of the serious variety again (but I have reason to believe next time we talk will go differently), and I'm up to just having rescued Mira in Wayward Cave in Platinum. That place would probably be much easier to navigate if I could bear to teach one of my Pokemon Flash, but unless Togepi can learn it (the egg hatched shortly after I entered the cave), that's not going to happen.

Anyways, I have a couple things to put away here, so I'm going to do that then try to finish that cave, because I'd rather not have to worry about that if I end up playing the game tomorrow. Also, I'd like to mention it right now, but I currently have some new / interesting plans for next week seeing as we get paid on Thursday, but I'm going to wait until then to say any more~

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