Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Too Bad so Far

The worst part of the day is not getting what I was expecting in the mail, but to be fair, it is slightly unreasonable to expect something from the states to get here in a single week, when *everything* else (aside from that wallet) has arrived in two. Therefore, it should be showing up next week, but I'm not about to start telling myself it will, because then it won't, and I went over the problems associated with that yesterday. Going out to Tilbury earlier went fine, because for the most part I played either Pokemon Platinum or PSPRevolution. Not much to mention in regards to the latter, but for Platinum I'm up to leveling all my pokemon up to at least 30 before exploring any of Solaceon Town (aside from the Poke-center). I am quite happy for another reason though, which is my Buneary having caught the Pokerus, which then quickly spread to the rest of my party, then Keilian sent me a message in Pidgin just as Dyno and I had finished talking around 6:30 so I asked if any of his pokemon had caught it, and as things stand now, I transferred the Eevee Bebe gives you (it doesn't have it in-game, but it's unofficial nickname is "Guineapig" :B) to my party for long enough that it became infected too, and now it's back in one of the PC boxes, so when I get home I can change the security on the wireless connection and trade it to Keilian so he can infect his pokemon too~

As for things outside of Pokemon, I was planning on taking a quick (cat)nap earlier because I've only had about six hours of sleep, but right now I'm not really tired, therefore I'm just going to have to deal with whatever happens at work. It can't be any worse than last night went, and by that I mean being put on drive through and having to wash all the dishes by myself (despite Steve's assurance that there were five of us working 'till midnight, then he left at 10...) and having to put the order away. Although in a sense, it was a good night for those same reasons too. Around 11:30, things finally died down enough that I had at least 20 uninterrupted minutes to wash dishes, which allowed me to wash enough that I started thinking "You know what? I *could* finish all of these before we're closed", and I did, at about 1:30. Then Ramsey pulled in around 2, and aside from a couple customers that came through shortly after he started unloading stuff, nobody else came in, giving James and I the ability to have the entire order (aside from nonperishable boxes and tray liners, etc.) put away by 2:30. Tonight will likely not go as well though, because only Steve, Orlando and I are closing. Manoah's main complaint about Steve last night was that he was spending more time standing at front cash talking to Jerome and I (he stopped in to say hi), but frankly, he needs to realize that Steve *will* do work, as long as you're putting your fair share of effort into whatever you're doing and *ask* him "Can you do this?"

In other good news, somebody I was waiting to get an email reply from finally responded last night, however I'm once again waiting on a response from them again, and after that, I should be able to give them at least some of the money for something I want to buy from them, or start saving up for it. Also, on an only slightly related note, we went to the Tim Hortons in Tilbury before leaving for home, and I now have yet another free donut thing to exchange :3 I do believe I'm going to go back to leveling up my Pokemon until 8:00 now though, because I'd like to have that done for Sunday, seeing as I have it off, and thus *could* make a good deal of progress that day~

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