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CKSY Has Some Decent Music Lately

Truthfully it's not a whole lot, but still, three new songs on there that I actually like is rather interesting. Thus far, we have Gives You Hell (which I already linked to a while back (and has apparently been downloaded 56 times since then...), as well as Africa, which sounds like a song Manoah would like (but he doesn't work tonight so I can't ask), and The Fear. It's also nice just having new music on my PSP in general, so as long as it isn't too windy on the walk to work tonight, I might go a long way again. Yesterday was alright, per se, but my ears were almost blown off at one point, and there were several other times throughout the walk where I had to reach up and hang onto them because the wind was picking up again. Appropriately enough, it started blowing hardest just as I got to the point where I needed to cross the street, but that was really the only bad part of the walk.

Work itself was sort of weird, because the fuse panel under hot line had started to smoke or something, which meant we couldn't use it, thus everything for the entire night was done on mini. That was actually a fun change of pace because it wasn't overly busy, and having main line already clean at the end of the night was a big help for getting out of there quickly. Also, given that it's Saturday today, there's slim to no chance that they were able to get somebody to come in to fix the problem, so unless they decide to risk it and turn main line on, they would've had to do everything today exclusively on mini too. Of course, they'll have found some way to still mess up both hot and cold line, probably from at least having food on it for easy access during lunch and supper rush, but we'll see what happens when I go in there tonight.

The one thing I need to make sure to ask though is if James will switch shifts with me next week. I'm supposed to close on Easter Sunday, but we're going to Oaks Inn in Wallaceburg for lunch then, and thus I wouldn't want to have to work if possible. Also, Dyno has Sundays and Mondays off, so it would be nice to have the day off to talk to him, but yeah ^^; So what I'm thinking of asking right now is if he'll trade me his 9 - close on Saturday for my 9 - close on Sunday. That way, he's giving away a six-hour shift and getting a four-hour one instead, which I would hope sounds appealing enough.

As for other things...

When it started I was at Taco Bell ordering food (which seemed unnecessary in and of itself, because I was able to remember having brought a couple things home from work to eat last night) during the hour or so right after lunch rush where it's not too busy, but outside is still about as hot as it'll get all day, when I started thinking about where I wanted to go to get some more snacks next. Bulk Barn came immediately to mind, because it was close, and I was assuming they still sold something non-edible that I used to buy there on a much more regular basis. As I started walking down the street though, I realized the gas station was open as well, and they seemed to have a decent selection of stuff when I went in there the couple times before to buy things. However, this time, there was this new small building set up, just the right size for you to drive any vehicle into, and the sign pointing to it touted it as being a "152 point inspection station", and their sensors would do all the work for you. That sounded sort of hard to believe, because all I could see was a large metal pipe pressed up against the back wall, but I thought nothing else of that and continued walking towards the booth where you could pay for gas / buy snacks, because in the dream, it was a booth, and not the actual building like in real life.

I walked up to it and opened the first door I saw, then stepped in, and immediately noticed a bottle of juice sitting on the counter, but then I also noticed somebody else was in there, which gave me the feeling I was in the staff-only part, and quite loudly said / asked "Am I supposed to be in here?" before turning around, opening the door, and walking around to the other side. Some other lady was standing there paying, so I waited in line, and when my turn came I asked for something to drink. In response, I *think* I was told that they had nothing of that sort, but it was sort of hard to hear, so after asking "What?" or "Sorry?" a couple times, I turned around and continued walking to Bulk Barn. Unfortunately, the setting of the dream then changed completely.

Mom, Dad, and I were standing on some island, surrounded on all sides by shallow water, and further out, a series of bridges. Despite nothing being said, there was a feeling as if we needed to get to one of them, which led me to notice a couple large boxes stacked up next to one of the bridges (and for what it's worth, the look and feel of this part was entirely that of Half-Life 2), and I actually managed to jump from the island to those boxes, then pull myself up onto the bridge. From there, I noticed another drawbridge sort of thing hanging down the side of the one I was on, except there were also ropes attached to the island, so I grabbed the ones that were closest to me, wrapped them around the ropes meant as guide rails on the bridge I was on, and pulled as hard as I could, which caused the other bridge to pick up slack and allow Mom and Dad to cross. When they finally made it over, Dad said nothing, opting instead to head straight for solid ground, while Mom pointed out that the bridge was starting to bend underneath of us, and asked if that was safe. I said it should be, so we turned around to follow Dad, and no sooner than that happened, and the bridge collapsed. Mom must have started moving in slow motion though, because I was able to grab onto the edge of one of the rock plateaus that all the bridges were connected to, pull myself up, and still have enough time to turn around, grab her leg or something, and pull her to safety too, with the same sort of feeling as last night, interestingly enough. Normally, I might not quite have the strength for that, but I somehow managed to when putting the order away last night, and did in the dream as well. Sort of "This *must* be done".

Anyways, after that, I also noticed this weird thing flying around that must have come from Pokemon. It looked like one of those large salt or pepper shakers that you turn the top of to dispense, well, either salt or pepper, but it seemed to be trying to make it to the rock too, so I grabbed and hauled it forcefully to the ground, then the dream setting changed once again.

This time, we were in a videogame, in an area that looked like a large, well-lit, well developed cave. There were lights all around, and plenty of music and other such signs to make it seem like there was a party taking place there. As for why I say it was in a videogame, the first "living" thing we saw looked like the first picture here, except red instead of blue, and pure white instead of black. Way more so than would be possible in real life, and when it spoke, it's words appeared in a speech bubble above it's head. From what I can remember, it said either "This is bar" "This is club", or "This is a [...]" which would be proper. It went on to tell us to make sure we searched around everywhere to find the secret hidden enemy or item or something, but that's all I remember of that part.

Oh, and I also dreamt I was back at high school. It might seem unrelated, but at work, there is one of those push-button locks on the door leading to the back that hasn't actually locked in about two and a half years (besides, even when it did the combination was only one number...), and one of those locks was on the door to the music room. Appropriately enough, one only needed to press the same number as used to be required at work to unlock it, but instead of the music room being there in the dream, it actually felt like I lived there, and thus wanted to find out how to change the combination. In the dream it was quite easy, and done in about 30 seconds, but in real life you have to either have some key and special wrench, or are required to disassemble the whole lock to reset the combination. Would it be possible to change with access to the lock buttons and nothing else though, that would be a fun joke to play. Mean too, perhaps, because it would cause the alarm to go off in the morning when they can't get in to disarm it, but still the thought is fun <3

Also, Keilian and I did end up chatting for a bit earlier this morning, the result of which was his pokemon becoming infected, as can be seen here :3 I think for now I'm just going to go back to leveling up though. At least for long enough to see if Dyno comes on before leaving for work, because I've already eaten plenty for today, and don't have to head out until 8~

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