Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Approximately One Year Later

I would like to say that's how long it took me to level up my pokemon today (this time to level 40), but no. That took close to six hours on and off, but for the time being, they're all set until I beat the next gym leader, then they'll all be getting leveled up to 50. It sort of works too, because I beat Veilstone's gym yesterday (which was incredibly easy once I figured out how to get to the gym leader), which is the 4th in the game. Thus, before I go more than one area past the eighth, my whole party will be at least level 80, which will hopefully make Victory Road easier. One other thing I'd like to do is find some way to copy the save file from Pokemon Pearl (the actual game card) and convert it for use on my R4, but thus far, the only thing I've found that could do that is this, which has no helpful directions on how to get the save file from the game. Alternately, I could just play it as normal and use one of my other DSes to trade pokemon or whatever, or, finally, using Pokesav to recreate my progress in that game as closely as possible.

Anyways, getting back to the title, it's been slightly more than a year since, but I posted several entries a while back about wanting to buy something online, and contacting who I presumed to be the seller of the thing(s), and eventually getting to the point where I sent them about ten responses that were nothing more than "*poke*", or the like, and never getting a reply after any of them. However, a couple weeks ago I tried sending them a fresh email, then one from my Hotmail account as well, just to be on the safe side (and amusingly enough, Hotmail deleted all my messages due to inactivity, but tried to make it better by saying I had ever-growing storage ;_;). They responded on Friday, and as of 1:09 earlier tonight (well, this morning), I have a Paypal transfer in progress to buy said thing. Yeah, having gone to Money Mart and putting the required amount on my card would have been quicker in the end, but I didn't think of that at the time. As for being more specific about the thing, no, not yet ^^ Not until *I* feel that the required amount of time has passed.

Unfortunately, that aside, today has been largely boring for having it off from work. Dyno was offline for most of the afternoon and evening (his house was recently repainted, thus he has to move stuff back in), but we chatted for a bit just to say "We'll talk tomorrow", and another interesting thing is that talking to him has actually seemingly become part of my routine, in that until the time when he would normally be gone at work, I was feeling extremely bored, and as if I wasn't doing something I normally would be at that time. That oddness aside (it's odd on a good way though ^^;), I've mostly been playing Platinum, and went out to Tim Hortons earlier where some lady on her way out the door as I was walking up told me my tail was hanging out, and when I walked in there (it was slightly less than packed) everybody started staring at me, then just as quickly went back to talking amongst themselves :x

The only other thing for right now is something I did at work last night.

Well, first of all, main line was still broken (apparently whatever problem occurred is bad enough to require a 5-day wait for it to be fixed...), so everything was done on mini again, but that was still a fun change of pace, and was only annoying hearing Steve whine and complain about how just because we were the only place open didn't mean that everybody needed to be in drive through and such while I was scrubbing the floors. Tomorrow night I only work 8 - 11 though, but I'm looking forward to going in anyways, just to see if anybody responded to the note I left. The problem wasn't present when I started working there, but for several months now, certain staff members (Sheila, namely), have taken to storing their own food from home (juice, yogurt, and even frozen fish and microwave dinners) in the walk-in and freezers. I finally got tired of it last night, and left a note on the board that said "Please keep all non-Taco Bell food in the box at the back of the walk-in. It is not your own private storage area, and should not be used as such, but let's try to compromise...". Sheila opened today too, so I expect her to be quite flustered and angry, but meh. Manager or not (Assistant General, in her case), take your food home when your shift is done. If it keeps up (and if it does, I'll be adding this to the board as well), I will throw such food out on a nightly basis when I close, and will encourage other closers to do the same. Truthfully, I'd rather not stir up any drama or trouble by doing that (because there's lots of stuff we do on closes that we could get in trouble for (in my case, rarely if ever wearing my name tag, and not having my shirt tucked in)), but it's starting to become really annoying to go into the walk-in for salsa or whatever and having to reach around several grocery bags of food.

Time for more Pokemon though. Or maybe I'll find Pearl and see if I can figure out what to do with the save. We'll see~

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