Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today's Question is Fun...

Link for reference.

Strangers. No more needs to be said, but because the question doesn't explicitly ask for a single-word answer, I will explain my reasons for giving that response.

If somebody is a stranger to you, the chances of never seeing them again is pretty good, which, therefore, helps it feel a bit more anonymous. Using past events as an example, I have talked to several different friends before about one problem or another, and, despite feeling better for having told them what I did then, would be even more reluctant to say anything next time something came up, because I wouldn't want them to think "What's going on now...?" Talking to a stranger would be different though because, in this case, I'm imagining talking to one in a walking-down-the-street-somewhere-and-running-into-somebody setting. Once you've finished talking, you'd probably never see them again, and even if you did, there are countless other strangers to repeat the same process with. Technically I could go on and write about something in particular, but no. Not in a public entry, anyways.

As for things I normally write about, today has just been... okay. The two best parts were going back out to 7-11 once I got home yesterday night (around 4am ^^), then giving Brandon that bag of Skittles. I'm sort of glad I didn't have to work tonight too, because there was quite a large list of stuff on the cabinet at the back that needed to be done, but also, shortly after I ordered my food Dominos called and they all started discussing what they wanted to get for a food swap. It also didn't look very busy either, but unfortunately, tomorrow will likely not go as well, but Manoah is closing, which I'm really looking forward to because Steve is just really annoying lately. We didn't fully scrub the floors yesterday night either, but I still suggested hot water be dumped on line and in front of the fryers and those areas scrubbed, so Steve did that, then I mopped underneath all the equipment when the orders finally stopped, then told him once the floors dried, a thorough sweep would have to be done again, because a bunch of random small stuff had gone back underneath everything, and he just sort of looked at me as if to say "Screw that".

Anyways, it's already 6:30, so I need to go to bed. Possibly with playing some more Pokemon Platinum before going to sleep, because I'm up to the point where you need to go to Lake Valor, but we'll see~

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