Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Doesn't Quite Make Sense

At the moment, I am, in Pokemon Platinum, supposed to be looking around Snowpoint City. Seeing what that area has to offer and obtaining the 7th gym badge, more or less. However, because it's the second-last gym, I want to level all my pokemon up to level 60 first, and there are a couple patches of grass right outside the city for that purpose. The weird thing is that experience obtained from battling outside Canalave is greater than Snowpoint, even though you go to that city second (of the two, that is). All the wild pokemon there are higher-leveled, of course, but because it's a bit easier to understand this way, a picture of what I'm talking about. Pokesav is still coming along alright too, but there's one big change I need to make to the Pokemon Edit screen to get rid of some empty space, which I will take care of sometime later tonight.

Going out to Oaks Inn today was fun, and on a rather amusing note, even though I probably won't get any more comments along these lines *now*, I was told for the second time that I should have a bunny tail. Well, the other time was at 7-11, and they told me I needed rabbit ears too, but yeah. Then she (the lady at Oaks Inn) went on to say that her grandkids got a kick out of it, and I went back to concerning myself with the long line for food because I couldn't think of anything good to say aside from "They aren't the only ones", and I don't like the way that sounds. As for food, I did eat far, far too much (where that is, in this case, two plates of hot food followed by one of dessert that I didn't finish all of) which means for the next week I'm going back to eating *only* when I'm hungry, but I'll see how that's turned out next Sunday. The best part is we were, of course, given a small basket of candy each, so I should probably consider eating that too instead of just leaving it for the better part of a year like last Easter ^^; As for the rest of the afternoon though, it's going about the same as the last day I had off did, meaning that there's not alot to do, and I sort of wish it was much later on so I could justify going to sleep.

Work last night was alright, purely from the point of view of how the shift went, but tomorrow probably won't be, because I very much doubt Manoah will be putting any effort into rotating the walk-in tonight, and it's just Michelle and I working after 11 tomorrow. One of the better things about last night was we had a new closer to help get things caught up as needed, and even though she was either working on dishes or learning how to close the dining room for most of the night, having the extra help was really, well, helpful. Problem is, they'll schedule closers like that for the weekend, but during the week, still only put two on per shift and say "Oh, they'll be fine because they know what they're doing." Yeah. We'll be fine, as long as we're getting paid for as long as it takes us to get the store cleaned up. Even moreso in this case because Michelle, along with Manoah, seems to have this pity for the day staff and still thinks all the prep has to be done for them. No it does not, but at any rate, I'm going back to Platinum for now, because being angry won't get me anywhere~

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