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What I Get For Not Reading Carefully

While searching Google last night to see if anybody else was having problems playing Pokemon Platinum on their R4DS (mine randomly freezes every now and then, and I worry sooner or later that's going to happen right in the middle of saving), I found this guide. It sounded rather interesting because, well, it's custom firmware, and one would hope there is much-desired functionality in it that the creators of the official firmware wouldn't implement. The one thing that really interested me is the 5th down in the list of features. Specifically, ability to play GBA games without the need of a loader program. I read that as the ability to play GBA games without any special hardware whatsoever (the Ezflash 3-in-1 thing I have, for example), and went about tidying up my desktop so I could download the files to install it and not have them get lost amongst everything else.

Long story short, it will natively write the .gba file to your flash cart (so there's no need to find a separate program to do that), but it cannot load the games without having that extra piece of hardware. Therefore, I'm still happy with what I have, especially because there are supposedly special items you can get in Platinum by having Fire Red or Leaf Green in the GBA slot. Technically I do have a physical copy of Fire Red, but it's slightly too large to fit flush in the GBA slot. While I'm still on this topic though, four other things of interest. The most recently completed dialog in Pokesav (compared to the original), along with my party as of the moment Luxray's level increased to 60 last night. The other two things are movies, because it was easier to record them instead of taking several still pictures. Number one is of a glitch, and my stomach making a bad noise because there was nothing in it, and number two is what happens when you allow one of your pokemon to run out of PP for all four of it's moves. Also, look at all those pink words now. Weird ^^

In other news, today is going about the same as yesterday did, except I was able to sleep in much longer <3 I was able to remember several dreams earlier as well, but the only one now involved me and some dog standing some distance apart, and the dog repeatedly growling at me, from where I would "shush it". The first two times it just growled, and stopped as soon as I gave it an evil look, but then the third time it actually started barking and snarling, so I *think* I yelled "Shut up!" at it, from where it ran towards and bit me on the arm, then I turned around to see the owner of the dog standing there, and told them "I don't need this" because they had asked me to watch the dog or something. On that same sort of note, next time I see Sheila I'm going to tell her that while there's still a chance I could watch her dogs in December, she'd do well to look at other options just in case I'm not able to.

It's already 5 though, so I'm going to use my remaining two hours to work on Platinum and see if Dyno doesn't come online before I leave for work. He did earlier, but I was sleeping, and I'd like to talk to him today, so yesh~

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