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That was a Nice Change...

I ended up staying down here 'till about 7:30, then went upstairs, because I was really bored down here. I brought the phone with me though, because I planned on just watching a movie on my PSP, then phoning EB Games at 10. Joe Dirt was my movie of choice, and I ended up getting about halfway through it before I was just too tired to watch anymore. I set my DS to go off at 10 though, so I figured that way I'd still be able to wake up then, and phone them. At 10, it went off, so still being half asleep, I fumbled with my DS trying to shut the alarm off, then realized why I'd set it in the first place so I picked up the phone, and gave them a call. This time, the guy that picked up just answered with "EB Games". Usually they say "EB Games Chatham, where you can trade and save. This is <...> speaking. How can I help you?" They still didn't have any today, which is a letdown, but at the time, I was more glad that I could go right back to sleep. Of course, if they had received some today, I probably would've been up and dressed in a flash, then off to find Dad to get a ride out there :p

After I went back to sleep though, I slept 'till 4 in the afternoon, then drifted back in and out of sleep 'till 5. We just went to Subway for supper, and now I've been informed I have to do the dishes tonight. Bah. One thing I do want to do tonight is go out to Dairy Queen to get something special. In the past, we've only gone there on the rarest of occasions, and even then, we were limited in what we could get by how much whoever brought us was willing to pay. Now that I have money of my own, I can get what I want. So I'll either ask to go out there after I get done doing the dishes, or when we go to pick Dad up. For the latter though, it would take us a good distance out of our way, and Dad likely wouldn't be too pleased about that.

As for work, nobody's phoned yet, and Kevin's only there for another hour, so I can assume things are going at least somewhat as they should. One relieving fact came up last night though. Jerome, who was supposed to be moving to London, has made a change in his plans now. Apparently a friend of a friend is moving in with them or something, and he can't stand the guy, so he's opted to stay here. It is a big decision, so it's likely that it's not final yet, but it'd really be helpful to still have him on nights. Apparently he's closing all weekend, and he already said as well last night that he's probably going to be having me steam all those nights, so at least I won't have to worry about getting put on drive through.

Anyways, Taco Bell hasn't called yet, so I'm assuming that tonight will be the first night in a while where I've had a day off and not been called in :x I'm going to end this here though, because it's just been sitting at the above all afternoon, and I'd like to update it before I start a completely new one :s

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