Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Apparently I Collect Coins Now

Woke up at exactly 1:01, and the first thing I did was running downstairs to see if anything had come for me in the mail, because I'm expecting another package either this week or next. It did not arrive today though, but that's not a huge loss, because it's coming from the states, and even if, in the shipper's words, it should show up within a week, I still think two sounds more reasonable. Although I'm also waiting on a Paypal transfer to complete sometime today, and once it does there will be more waiting for something else in the mail to worry about. Anyways, despite that, two other things came for me, one from Sun Life that I'm assuming just says "Sign this and send it back if you want to give us more money every month. Oh, and you'll get more coverage out of it too". No, thanks, and frankly, the idea of somebody profiting in the event of my... untimely demise sounds a bit strange too, but I just won't think about it too much and get by. The other thing is something I'm going to assume I would not have been sent if I hadn't purchased that record / tape to CD converter for Dad for Christmas. Specifically, this is my last chance to purchase some random *American* coin collection, and I really don't get that either so when I do go back downstairs they're both going right into the recycling bin.

Today is sort of amusing for another reason as well though. As of this minute, I still have plenty of time to finish writing this entry before leaving for Heart and Stroke, but still, no. I did send Michele an email to say I really wouldn't be in this week, and sort of think she might not be there today either because she hasn't replied yet, but meh. If not, and they ask me where I was last week, I'll just say I was sick at home. Although more appropriately, instead of taking today to rest and hopefully get better if possible, I'm only staying in bed 'till 3. Then I'm walking out to Canadian Tire (because I was looking at their website last night and they apparently have a couple things I want), and from there, probably to Wendys, then *maybe* to Tim Hortons, and finally back home. The latter two places are somewhat unnecessary, but I was thinking last night that I haven't had the chance to visit Wendys around the same time as I would when going to London in a while (mostly from wanting to save up to visit Dyno), and therefore I'd like to :3 I might at least pop into Tim Hortons as well to see what they have, but unless there are any of those triple chocolate cheesecakes on the shelf again, I won't be buying anything there.

Being sick is, in this particular case, coming along fairly well, because while I sound terrible when I cough, I don't *think* I look that bad otherwise. Well, my nose has been running a bit too, but at the moment that's a minor annoyance, because it keeps starting and stopping of it's own accord. As long as I can speak clearly enough to make smalltalk with the cashiers at Canadian Tire and Wendys later, I'll be fine. Also, on a loosely related note, another random dream fragment. Although this one was more the same dream repeated twice, with only a few differences in them. I was at some random furry con, taking part in a fursuit race. I can't remember any details regarding how it started, or how many... "racers" were taking part, but I came in second place to some guy in a fox suit both times, but the second time I was almost pushed back into third, but grabbed whoever was ahead of me and pulled myself forwards, and on the way past them said something like "Sorry, but I was here first", then when we got within sight of the finish line, they said something to me which included the words "Quick Pikachu" and "It's believable" and then I woke up or the dream ended, because that's all I can remember.

Anyways, I'm going to take myself into the bathroom for a bit now to get cleaned up. Perhaps followed by playing Pokemon Platinum, but Dyno is also online so I could send him a message too. Or I could put some things away that don't really need to be out anymore (in my room, that is). Yay for choices. At any rate, bathroom first, so off I go~

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