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Of Course This is Going to Look Suspicious

I'm still waiting 'till 4 just to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if I'm not feeling better by then, will be calling in. Yeah, I could just go in and drag myself through a second shift in a row where I'm sick, but no, and they already have Michelle, Orlando, and Marissa (a new girl that would at least be able to work drive through) closing. I'm actually supposed to be done at 3 if I were to go in, and even if I did I would make sure Michelle saw for herself that I was sick / not feeling well, and would prefer to get the dishes / prep caught up for them, but still, I shouldn't be anywhere near there while I'm still in this condition, so we'll see what happens in an hour and a half.

As for what will look suspicious, a certain coworker sent me an email asking for my help with registering them for a certain site. One of those that offers to give you all the secrets and training necessary to make tidy sums of money each day just from randomly surfing the internet. At first I was just going to suggest that it might be a scam, and let them actually figure it out on their own, but then I went so far as to get to the payment page, and was rather bemused. No Paypal, no Google Checkout, hell, no option to contact them about sending a check or money order. Then again, to be fair the "Electronic Shipping" price was only two dollars, but what, pray tell, is electronic shipping? Are you truly expecting somebody to pay for you to send them an email? Anyways, the response I sent to the individual in question was as follows:

Anyways, let's see... Don't hate me for this, but I can't let you fall for something like that. It sounds awfully tempting, sure, and I would love nothing more than to make at least $200 a day just by surfing the internet, but it has the word "Scam" written all over it. Figuratively, of course. The rest of this email will be to explain why, just so you don't think I'm being completely difficult and don't have any reason to be saying what I just did.

Where any of these sorts of offers are concerned, a good rule to go by when reading about them is "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". For example, I'm sure you've seen ads everywhere and actual sites that say they'll send you some highly-priced item for free (examples that come to mind are iPods, cell phones, laptops, etc.) as long as you sign up and refer enough friends to the site using a link they give you. While some select sites of that sort *are* legit (I can't remember any though, because that was a long time ago), most require your friends to complete a certain number of offers, which can range from subscribing to some random magazine, or paying for a membership to some other sort of group (the only thing that comes to mind is a gym...), and if those subscriptions aren't canceled before the trial period is up, they start billing you for several times what the subscription price was, and by the time you're able to cancel everything or get your credit card company to stop the payments, significant loss of money will have taken place.

Frankly, I have to wonder. Why don't they offer an option to use Paypal or Google Checkout, or even a Money Order / check? Because those are one-time payments, whereas with a credit card they have everything they need to extract more money from you as desired. Well, not to go out on another tangent here, but take a look at these two links (found here).

Josh Made Cash
Scott's Money Blog

Is his name Josh Parker or Scott Hunter? Better yet, see how "he" says he's from London, Ontario? Try going here, then copying and pasting the joshmadecash.com link into the box and clicking on "Go". Notice how there's suddenly no city? That's because the site's using your IP to determine where you are located, and chooses the closest major city to where you live. This is actually the script it's calling (found by looking in the webpage source), and if you click on that link you can see for yourself it says "London" and "Ontario", but if you go back to that zend2 proxy site and put the same link in there, it will say "United States" and "Woodstock", presumably because that's where the proxy server is located.

I'm more than willing to try to explain this again at work, just in case any of that is hard to understand (it's early in the morning, and I'm sick, therefore not taking time to word things properly), but I'll warn you right now there's a slight chance of me calling in today (Friday), because although I don't want to take time off from work (I need money just as much as the rest of you do), it is really, really wrong of me to be anywhere close to food that's being made for somebody else.

Having said that, I really don't care about that money you borrowed to buy gravy X3 It was only two dollars, and that was way too long ago to be worrying about now. If, however, I were to give my credit card number to that site and they did bill me for $70 monthly, I would have to seek reimbursement from you (as well as getting a new card from Money Mart...), and I'm sure neither of us want to worry about that.

In the mean time, you can look either here, or here for another website that corroborates what I'm saying, and they even give an email address that you can contact to get the "secrets" for free, but I'd take that with a grain of salt too. Also, this. Just search Google for "joshmadecash.com scam" or "is joshmadecash.com real" and see what you come up with.

Hopefully I'll talk to you tomorrow, but we'll see how things go after another night's sleep~

So yes. As you can see by reading that, I warned them I might be calling in sick, but assuming I do, they could very well end up thinking I'm avoiding them because I said no. That is a problem I'll deal with if it comes up though, because first and foremost I'm not about to give *my* card number out to a shady site like that (although it does only have ~$8 on it right now, so it would be funny for the first few minutes to see what happened when they tried to take $70 off of it ^^;), and I'm also not going to let somebody I know fall for something like that, even if they are just a coworker.

On the good side of email things though, I received one early yesterday morning to say another package was shipped out and should be here within 6 - 10 business days. I am quite looking forward to that, but it may require me to rearrange my room too, the biggest problem with that is the location of my bed in relation to where the outlets are, but meh. With the way things are going, I'll have most of the night to do nothing constructive with, and that could count ^^ Also along the same line, I came to the conclusion the other afternoon that my closet really needs to be cleaned out, because there are years upon years of old school work in there, along with a plastic toy dish set, bags of bedding or other bedroom-related stuff I can't use, and other such fun things. Therefore, everything that isn't *mine* can be put into the spare room, and Mom and Dad can decide if they want to do anything with it or just leave it there.

Anyways, I might as well go get calling in done and over with, and give them a decent amount of time to find somebody else to close (James is the only one that comes to mind, unfortunately, and he worked yesterday night too...), so let's go find the phone, then see what happens after that. Surprisingly, Dyno has yet to be online this afternoon, and DJ signed in for only a minute earlier, which was long enough for him to read the pounce I set up, but then he went offline again and hasn't been back yet either, which he's been doing an increasing amount lately, but then again, I will have the rest of the night to wait here and see if either of them come online again, so maybe~

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