Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Two Things Will Make Tonight "Interesting"

Number one is closing with Earl. Although he's supposed to actually be getting the hose out again to show George and I that the end really doesn't pop off as much as we say it does, and therefore we're being lazy and not doing our jobs properly. Then also, and I could care less what he says this time, I'm going to walk home too, because last time the two of us were on a close together, he insisted on giving me a ride because it was "Too late at night to be walking around". Well, I guess that actually means I'll either be walking, or if I'm able to procure the number of fry boxes I still need (three), asking George for a ride home. As for the other employee and "issue" mentioned involving them in my previous entry, I'm not sure if they work tonight or not, but this is what I'm figuring on doing if, by whatever unlikely chance, they *still* want to take the risk of signing up for that site. I will tell them to the best of my ability that it is, for all purposes, a ripoff, but if they're still set on registering despite that, I will front them the ~$30 or whatever it was to get their own Money Mart card, provided they pay me back by, oh, the end of the year. After all, they would get a check for at least $200 after 48 hours, and surely, compared to how much would be pouring in after that, $30 is but a drop in the bucket.

Then again, it's also not quite reverse psychology, but still making them think for themselves "I have enough money to sign up now, but do I still want to go through with it after what they've explained to me?"

The second thing about tonight is closing tomorrow too, and working 8 - close at that, but I already had a second, unplanned day off yesterday, and it's only two more nights, so I can wait (well, "work", more appropriately) it out. I really don't have much in mind for my first two days off this week, and have to close on Wednesday which coincides just so nicely with going to Heart and Stroke, but then have Thursday and Friday off after that, where Thursday will see us going grocery shopping, at least, and then possibly out to Giant Tiger as well. Actually, Giant Tiger *and* Tim Hortons, because I walked into the latter just as they were throwing everything out last night, and even after placing my order and having six cookies put into a bag, had my card noticed and was informed "Oh, our Mastercard system isn't working right now". Would it be too much to ask for you to make up a couple signs to put on the doors and counter? I guess so. Well, either that, or it had just stopped working, but yeah.

Anyways, I could write more, but with Earl being the closing manager tonight, there will probably be a call shortly asking if I can come in for 8 instead, so I'm going to do a couple other things here just in case that happens~

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