Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yet Another Thing

There's never any end to stuff that goes missing around this place. Seriously. I was at 7-11 last night, and among several other things, I picked up two 2L bottles of pop. One Pepsi, and one of that new energy drink they have. I only ended up taking on drink of the Pepsi last night, before I really didn't feel like having any more, so I put the lid back on, shook it up a bit (so that way I'd be able to tell if anyone else got into it), and put it back in the fridge with my other pop. I just came down here, and after getting the mail, I opened the fridge again to grab the Pepsi. Guess what's missing? My God. I really don't care about pop, but once again, it's just the idea behind it, that whoever took it did so without even thinking so much as to ask me first.

Anyways, going to Heart and Stroke today, obviously. I've a feeling I'll be finishing up the stuff I was doing last time I was there (just a little bit of typing), and unless Michele has something else planned for me after that, that should be pretty much it. I want to head up to EB Games sometime soon to get Elite Beat Agents, and possibly Final Fantasy III as well, but knowing it, that'll have to wait until well into next week. See, it's Naomi's turn to go this week (yes, we take turns, and it's a long story), and there's no way in hell I'm even getting in the van with her. Really, she shouldn't even get to go, seeing as she never pays for the gas used to get out there, she always steals half the stuff Mom buys, or a good amount of it is stuff that only she'd ever eat, and on that topic, when she goes, they tend to spend well over $150. With Adam, it's usually slightly over $100, and when I'm with her, we keep it almost always under that. Seriously, what she needs to do, in order to be allowed to go grocery shopping, is to get a job, so she can start paying for the gas to get out there, and she can also buy all the piddling things she wants, as opposed to having Mom buy them for her.

Getting back on topic though, it's her turn to go, and I'm not going with her.

There's just one last thing I can think of to write about now before I have to leave. Last night, I planned to have a shower before I went to bed, yes? For the longest time now, something's been clogging up the drain in the thing, which me and Adam both suspect to be Naomi's hair, seeing as just taking a close look at it, that's all you can see bunched up in there. So out of frustration last night, and not wanting to have to wait ten minutes for the water that I used to rinse the tub to drain, I got the plunger out. I swear it looked like someone puked in there, then washed it all down the drain :x There were chunks of this and that everywhere, along with what looked like a hell of a lot of bread crumbs :s I finally managed to get all that washed back down the drain though (and it didn't stick) which left all the hair to be removed. At first I tried pulling it out using a combination of a nail file that's been in the cabinet forever, along with one of Naomi's disposable razors, but that didn't work. Then I realized that I touched stranger things unplugging the sinks at work (such as loads and loads of bean, tomatoes, and in the rare occasion, the chunks of whatever the pizza sauce is made with, so I held my breath, and dug in there with my fingers. I only got two long strands out, before I couldn't get ahold of any more. It was literally ripping, and then just falling back down inside the drain. That seemed to help a bit though, so I managed to have my shower, but someone really needs to take Naomi aside, and tell her to stop being so stuck up, and to clean up after herself.

With that though, it's about 5 minutes to, so I have to leave. Let's hope the afternoon doesn't go too badly :)

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