Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Been a While Since I've Done This

At Heart and Stroke right now, and Yvonne is the only one here with me. Michele is out somewhere unknown, and Lynn is supposed to be back any minute now, but for the time being, I'm considering taking off at 3 if she hasn't shown up by then. Sure, I could be doing work on my own if I could remember the password for this SalesForce thing, but all my attempts so far have yielded the "Your login attempt has failed" message.

Going home early would work out though, because both Dyno and I have to work tonight, and I would like to talk to him some more, because we were before I left and came here, and there are a few things we didn't have a chance to get to then. Otherwise, waking up early was mostly a bad thing, but I should be able to sleep in tomorrow with having both Thursday and Friday off as well. I think we're supposed to be going grocery shopping too, but when I asked Mom about that earlier, she said it was Naomi's week to go, and I really don't think so. Truthfully, the only thing I want to get at Real Canadian Superstore this week is rice cakes (you tell me - I just want some for some reason), and outside of that, I still plan on going to Giant Tiger, if not a couple other places too, so we'll see how things turn out.

Anyways, Lynn's back now, so I should probably post this then go ask if she knows the password, but if she hasn't come out of her office by 3 I'll go ask.

In the meantime (because it's only quarter-to), other things. Number one, the new arrangement of my room is bad for cats. Naomi knocked on my door yesterday night and said Tabby was waiting to get in, so I opened the door and watched her walk around for a bit, then laid back down in bed and went back to playing Pokemon Platinum or something (speaking of which, I have pictures of my current progress on, but they're on my camera at home...), and the next time I looked up, she was standing on the folded blankets next to my dresser, looking like she was getting ready to jump up on it ;_; Before that she had wasted no time in jumping into the empty box on my floor, but cats are just weird like that.

Other things will have to wait though, because Lynn does not know the password, so I'm going to leave Michele a note, then take off for home again~

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