Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Was a Productive Day :3

For reference "today" started at 1pm on Thursday, and is going to end in about an hour and a half, which will be 10am Friday morning ^^; As for "productive", it more or less means "lots of walking", and just to save a long explanation, this is everywhere I walked, but not all at once~ First was out St. Clair St then back home again, then Grand Ave and home again after that, then Lacroix, followed by going home for what I thought was the last time, but then I ended up having something (or -things) to keep me busy until about 6:30, and after that I figured "I haven't stayed up this long in a while, so I want to get breakfast from McDonalds for a special treat" and did after Adam was dropped off at work <3 Mind you, I also have other special treats, being three packages of rice cakes, because I couldn't decide on just one, but meh. All in all the entire day was lots of fun, and I finally have use for the fry boxes I've been taking from work instead of just leaving them sitting against the wall.

In terms of other stuff though, I honestly can't think of much, but that may very well be due to what time it is in the morning and taking into consideration that I'm usually fast asleep by now. One thing is Michele sending me an email to say she wasn't sure if I'd be in this week because I wasn't last week and she didn't get an email from me, but I replied back to say that I had sent her one, and was otherwise sick, and the end result of that was that I'll be going there on both Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I would, quite frankly, prefer not to have to go Tuesday if it can be helped, but technically I missed a full "shift" of doing work, and that needs to be made up for. Also, Dyno is going to be quite put out and unable to use his room on Tuesday anyways, so I won't be able to talk to him even if I didn't have anywhere to go.

Anyways, going by what I'm currently doing (looking through RSS feeds) it is apparently the afternoon, but it's not, and I still need to sleep, so I'm going to turn my fan on and attempt to do just that. At least I'm starting to get more tired now~

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