Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Familiar Feeling Again

I'm actually sort of looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, just to get back into somewhat of a routine. The past few days have been interesting and different, but far too much of my time has been spent at home (even with all that walking yesterday), and I still haven't had a chance to work with Manoah since he sent me that email regarding that Joshmadecash site. Not from avoiding him, but because we literally have not worked any shifts together, so maybe tomorrow night, because I'd like to see if he has anything to say to me. Also tomorrow though, I'm waking up quite early again (1pm) to go to Zellers and possibly Walmart again, because something I found there yesterday is much harder to come by than I originally thought, and there's a chance that if I wait to go back, they won't be there anymore ;_;

Also, next time we get paid I'm actually going to buy a computer game to play online with Dyno, because he said a couple nights ago that I should get it but I wasn't sure, because I haven't bought any PC games in a very long time, let alone any to just play online, but it could end up being fun, and I'd hate to say no without even considering it (even though I sort of did earlier today), so yeah. I'm not sure if any places near here would have the game either, but he gave me two links, one to amazon.com, then the other one to the Canadian version of the site, and I remembered I could use my Money Mart card for that (or so I hope), so that will work out too ^^

Other than possibly seeing Manoah, work tomorrow should be interesting too, because it was up to 30 degrees out today, and is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon as well, so regardless of how busy it is, the heat will be worse. Well, the one good thing about working in the heat is it gives you a bit more incentive and reason to be able to take quick breaks every now and then, but it always seems to go that the nicer out it is, the busier we are, and it's sort of hard to take a break when the orders won't stop. Also, there's supposed to be a thunderstorm sometime tomorrow afternoon, but the same thing was true of today and nothing happened, so I can only hope it either stops raining before I leave for work, or starts after I get there. Oh, and the last thing that will make work fun is that I'm closing from tomorrow 'till Tuesday, at least. The new schedule should be up though, so I'll have to take a look at that.

Anyways, I might as well see about getting to sleep so I can be up early again. Perhaps with Pokemon Platinum tonight though, because last time I played it I'd just beaten the 8th gym and was given waterfall, but then the "weekend" came and got on the way of that. Maybe I'll make it to Victory Road before 6, but let's find out~

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