Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Never Seems to Go Anywhere

For both one of my external drives and the partition all my programs are on on this laptop, using the Disk Cleanup thing showed that I should be able to free at least 15GB of space just by compressing old or infrequently-used files. The only problem with using it is that it seems to work fine up until the point where some other process is accessing one of the files, then it says "I can't do anything to this because it's already being used" and stops. It ran for about an hour on the programs partition, then I went to bed while it was still running on the external drive, and both times it freed up all of one gigabyte or so before quitting. Depending on how much I get paid in a couple weeks, or on our pay after that though, I might just go to Staples and look for a 1TB external drive, because going by their site they're around $200, but I still need to remember money for buying bus tickets to visit Dyno, then Mom also needs $80 for groceries next week, so there are a couple expenses to take care of before that.

Another current problem is it's really warm outside which makes it hard to sleep, but temperatures are supposed to be back to "normal" by the middle of the week, and I really hope they are because I'm going to Heart and Stroke on both Tuesday and Wednesday, which will be followed by grocery shopping on Thursday, and ideally a day off on Friday, but I'm not holding my breath for that. The funny thing is that the new schedule wasn't up last night, but according to what Manoah was saying, Sheila messed it up, and had to start again as a result. All I know is I'd prefer to work until Wednesday followed by having two days off, but knowing her I'll have Wednesday and Friday off, but work 8-close on Thursday or something. Maybe it'll be up tonight so I can find out. As for Manoah's reaction when I asked him about that email, all he said was "I haven't had a chance to write a reply yet, but thank you". I wasn't expecting him to be quite so understanding, but the most he said was that it sucked, and he was really looking forward to not having to work at Taco Bell anymore...

Plans for early yesterday afternoon worked out well in the end (aside from having to go to Walmart as well as Zellers), and I have everything I wanted to buy, so yay ^^ Sooner or later I need to post a general picture of what I'm talking about just to avoid all this vagueness, but not quite yet, because being nonspecific is still fun <3

On a more serious note, since yesterday night several articles have appeared in Reddit's "Most popular" list regarding this "Swine Flu" (two links), which I was worried about at first for a slightly obvious reason (Dyno lives in the States - need I say more?), but then I started wondering about something else. If that does become a widespread issue, how is it going to affect visiting him in August? I really hope that works out, which is why I'm not going to put much thought into worrying about it, but the timing is just really interesting...

I'm just going to go downstairs and check on supper for now though. It might be hamburgers, and if so, I'd like to either eat at least one before I leave or tuck some away in the fridge, but without going down to the kitchen to find out, I won't know, so yes. That was way too complicated~

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