Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Day After I Start Wondering Again

We did our taxes at least a month ago now, and, being so wonderfully smart, I finally remembered to bring in the two donation receipts I've had from Heart and Stroke for about two years, because I never had a chance to use them other years. Now, they (at H&R Block) made it sound like if I sent the forms they gave me out in the mail, I would eventually receive some back to bring in next year. Skip ahead to last night upon getting home from work, and I found it sort of odd that nothing had shown up for me yet. Move forward just a bit more to when I woke up this afternoon, and the first thing I did was went downstairs to check the mail. There was but one Government of Canada envelope addressed to me propped up against the toaster oven thing, and inside was a check for ~$380. Awesome timing too, because Mom needs $80 for groceries this month, as I said yesterday, and some of the rest went towards buying that Command and Conquer game to play online with Dyno, along with a couple other things that should be here in about three weeks instead, because the shipping for them is slightly weird.

Coming home from work tonight should be fun, to abruptly change to a different topic, because the Tim Hortons that was being renovated is all of a sudden finished, and as I might have said in here (I either mentioned it in a past entry or told Dyno on Skype), I was planning on going there to get just a donut and drink the first day / night it reopened, and that is today :3 Actual work could be good or bad depending on who's closing, but as long as more prep is done, the shift should go decently altogether. Yesterday night, I clocked in then pretty much immediately had to make a box meal, and, in so doing, found that we were down to two bags of twists, and had absolutely no salad shells. What would Manoah's response be when I asked him what had happened earlier in the day? "They did alot of extra cleaning". No. Even better considering Michele was the opening manager, and she's the one who's always on us when she works a supper shift and has to open the next morning about having all the prep done for her, and making sure the carryover is put away on the dish cart so it's easier to deal with, and so on. We pull our weight pretty much every night of the week - I got to sit down for all of three minutes last night, and the rest of the shift I was busy cleaning stuff up or making orders. The least you can do is put the same amount of effort in when you're working.

In other news, unless the weather changes drastically in the next hour and a half, I'm walking to work without a shirt on. As with the past two nights, there's a chance of rain and / or a thunderstorm both later this evening and tomorrow morning, but unlike yesterday and Sunday, it has not started getting darker out yet, so I can only presume it's almost as hot as when we went out earlier. In the meantime, however, I need to send a message on another site here, and see about taking a slice of pie before I leave for work. It is lemon meringue, and therefore will likely be gone by the time I get home, so I might as well either eat some now, or hide it in the fridge like before~

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