Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Finally Doing Something Worthwhile

Instead of just preliminary "Let's input each and every captain, zone leader, and canvasser's information to save us a bit of time later", we're now doing the actual receipting. Or at least I was, and got through about half the bag I was given in two hours, which is actually pretty good considering Michele said I'd probably be the fastest out of all the volunteers she'll have working on it (perhaps because I've done the entire [put your own word here] thing on my own in 2007 and 2008), which, by her guess, meant I could get close to 20 done per day. Could've finished up close to half of what was left had I stayed 'till 5 too, but no. I took off at 4, planning to go to Liquidation World to see what they actually have in that place (I've never been there, so I'd like to find out if it's worthwhile to add them to my little list), but instead ended up going to the mall instead, and more specifically, to Sears.

It's funny. I can remember going there as a kid when Dad still worked at the mall, and they had this small section of the second floor devoted to kids' toys (I could swear it was right by the elevator), yet when I went there this afternoon, there were beds, and lamps, and dishwashers, and dryers, and quite amusingly easter candy and stuffed rabbits, but nothing I was looking for. Instead of just leaving though, I ended up going back to and looking over the bed stuffs again, so let's just say I now have a fourth comforter (or sixth, if you want to include the two old ones), and we've just had two days where it was upwards of 30 degrees out (or at least that's how it felt). Yes indeed, but this one will do very, very well until it starts warming up again ^^ Also, on my next day off I plan on going up there again, because they had a couple pillows that looked awesome too, and I'll just have to take a picture of what I mean then, because it'll work much better than words do.

I obviously have tonight off, thankfully, because I literally steamed every order from 8:00 on by myself last night (and stuffed and expedited for the most part too) and it was really busy, so not only was being unable to get anything else done annoying (it was one of those nights where as soon as I finished making all the orders for drive through, somebody else would pull in, or a customer would come into the dining room), but yesterday sucked in general for reasons I'm not going to go into, and it would've been nice to close at 1, but five or six customers decided to pull in at quarter-to, after I had the grill cleaned and the rest of line pretty much ready to go, so I was quite slow making food so as to not make a mess which ended up seeing us being open until five minutes after or so instead. Thinking a bit though, I got a ride home from Steve in hopes to talk to Dyno before he went to bed, and on the way he said Friday night is going to be busy, because it's welfare day, and the beginning of the weekend, so I couldn't be happier having that day off right now ^^;

In the meantime though, I close tomorrow night with Michelle, James, and Marissa, so that should be an alright shift regardless of how busy it is, but there's also going grocery shopping in the afternoon to think about, and also going to Walmart quickly after that. That, however, is tomorrow, and there were two other things I was going to use the rest of my afternoon and night off for, so I should probably work on those. Would also like to go out to Tim Hortons later depending on how certain other plans go, but we're also having chili for supper, so meh. Maybe, maybe not, and if not tonight, definitely on Friday~

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