Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Very Important Task

Dad just knocked on my door and said he wanted to talk to me, for two minutes at most, so after opening it and telling him that it seemed whenever he wants to talk it always ends up being about something bad, I was reminded that Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and asked what our plans for that were. As of this moment, an email has been sent to Swiss Chalet regarding reservations, but knowing my luck they won't respond until Monday due to the weekend, so I made sure to include something at the bottom to say "If you don't reply by Tuesday, I'll just call the restaurant instead", and really, that would've been the sensible thing to do in the first place, but meh. To tell the truth, it's been on my mind for the past week or so now, and I kept thinking of taking her out somewhere, but aside from Kelseys and Boston Pizza, both of which were already done last year, all the restaurants here seem so... normal. Then there was also the thought of taking her to some place in London, but I have little to no idea of what restaurants are there outside of Kelseys and Great West Steakhouse, which, last I knew, was either closing down or had already been closed.

Therefore, I hope Swiss Chalet works out, because outside of it there is, oh, Lucky In(n), even though it feels like an even less fancy place, and not much else. Smittys, sure, but we've gone there the past couple times we went out for supper, and I want to avoid repetition too. As for plans outside of that, I can't claim to have any at the moment, because buying a card and putting money in it is getting really overdone now, and I'm sure there are other surprises that can be "done". Besides, that can end up being expensive anyways, and at the moment, I've already spent $60 today, to send a package out, and for two pillows from Sears. I did also learn though that Shoppers is already carrying some things I need to look at next time I have a day off (Tuesday, and just as long as the one out on Queen carries the same stock), so that'll give me something else to look forward to, even though the way things are looking right now, I'm going to email Michele and say I'll be in on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Wednesday and Thursday, but I'd much rather have to end up just working than going to Heart and Stroke then work as well. Although she did say that when what we're working on now is finished, she'll probably just have me take the rest of the summer off, but that works for me :3

This is good for now though, because while there are a couple other things I want to write about, I haven't played Pokemon Platinum in about a week, and would like to make it to Victory Road (at least) before Dyno gets home from work. He actually asked an interesting question earlier this afternoon, but meh. Weirdness and secrets because it's really nothing worth talking about in here~

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