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Everybody is an Exception to the Rule

"The Rule" referenced above is that you have to be in some sort of motor vehicle to come through drive through. I was put on it last night, and I had that issue come up twice. First time was with a bunch of girls who said we were discriminating against them, then asked if they could be served if one of them came back on a motor scooter. That's a bit hard to say, and I told them I wasn't sure because I've never run into something like that before, but better put, if your vehicle is heavy enough to make the headset ding so we know you're there, your order will most likely be taken without issue.

Then the other time was later on at night, probably ten minutes before we closed. This guy who had to be in his teens started knocking on the window as I was filling up the hot and mild sauce containers, so I opened it and told him "Sorry. You have to be in a vehicle for me to serve you". He was drunk, of course, so a good five minutes of back-and-forth ensued about how he was in a vehicle, and that I could surely let it slide just once. Hell, several more girls tried to do the same on Thursday night, and while I wasn't on drive through then, I ended up having to explain to them that if we took their order without them being in a vehicle, we would have to do so for everybody that wanted to walk through. Getting back to the guy last night though, he eventually realized I wasn't going to change my mind and asked to talk to the manager, who was Manoah last night. Manoah told him pretty much the same things I had been, but somewhere along the line his train of thought jumped to "Maybe I should just serve this guy to get him out of here". I could go off on a completely separate tangent about how he and Steve, at least, both seem to have less resolve than the regular staff when it comes to telling customers "No", but I won't.

Problem there, however, was that this guy only had his debit card to pay with, and Manoah didn't want to take the chance of having him pay with that at the window then having somebody pull up in a vehicle and possibly complain about us doing something we're not supposed to. After all, I've had it happen once before, and there's really no good excuse to use. So sure enough, at that exact moment somebody pulled up, and Manoah told the guy to go wait by the back door, but instead of doing that, he walked over to the car that had pulled up, presumably to ask them about ordering for them. Let me just say that there is nothing so satisfying as seeing a drunk guy hunched over at the window of a car explaining his case, then hearing the driver say "Go away man" ^^; Said customer then placed his order, and pulled up, leaving the guy standing in front of the menu board. At that point, I asked Manoah if we could be closed after the customer at the window was taken care of, because it was five-to, and that way the guy could not be served at all, because we'd be closed. His answer was "No", of course, and shortly after the customer at the window was given their food, a cab pulled in, and sure enough the guy was still standing in front of the menu board, so he tried to explain to them what was going on. After that was done with, I took their order, and sure enough they didn't ask for anything for him, and after they'd pulled away, he walked up to the window and I explained that instead of not being able to serve him just because he was on foot, we couldn't take his order because we were closed as well.

Cue more drunken complaining and "Dude, I've been waiting outside for ten minutes already", and he asked to talk to the manager again. I wanted to close the window while I went to get Manoah, because there was a till full of money right there, and I didn't want to take the chance of being ~$900 short, but he, however, wanted the window to be left open. Eventually he gave in and slammed it shut, so I went off to find Manoah, who happened to be cleaning the fry dump. The main thing reiterated by that was, once again, managers have less resolve than the regular staff do when it comes down to confronting customers. Even after I told him we could go to the window together, he still refused, all the while having this embarrassed look on his face. Then he decided to tell me to just go down and put the garbage in the window, because if it wasn't there and somebody else pulled up, we'd have to serve them. No, Manoah. I don't care if you're a manager or not. Don't try to coerce me into doing your bidding because you don't want to deal with the guy at the window.

Thankfully, George (who was on line throughout the rest of the night) put the garbage up there, and I went to the back to work on the dishes. As you may expect, it's not over yet either.

Apparently, despite looking like it's closed, the back door is rarely ever locked, so I had enough time to wash maybe one dish when it was pulled open by the same guy. At that point, I started getting really irritated, because we were closed, and any delays would mean we'd get out of there even more slowly, so I walked back to the door and put my arms up in front of it to sort of block him from getting in, and we talked. Yes, even more. I can't remember what about, but one of the first things I said was that both Manoah and I had already explained several times that we couldn't take his order unless he was in a vehicle, and that if he didn't leave, we'd have to call the police. That was followed by him saying that he wasn't trying to give us a hard time, and that he understood, and wanted to tell either George or Manoah that he was impressed with how I was "sticking to my guns" as it were, meanwhile with thoughts going through my head of "So you want me to leave you back here on your own, with the door open, while I go up front and try to convince one of them to come back". Thankfully, Manoah happened to be in the bathroom just then, and wanted to have a smoke when he came out, so the guy got to say what he wanted to, then the two of them got into a slight argument about whether or not McDonalds' dining room was open 24 hours, followed by him saying thanks, and wandering off towards either there or Tim Hortons.

Two words: never again, and that's all I have to say.

Then there was the problem of sleeping too. By the time I finally laid down and went to sleep, it had to be about 6 in the morning. At first, I had a comforter over me, and the fan on the second speed, just so I wouldn't get too warm. I did, however, for reasons that elude me, and ended up waking up around noon, still with my headache, so I stumbled into the bathroom, then back into my room and stayed awake for long enough to take a Tylenol, which reminds me I need to pick another bottle up from Shoppers sometime this week. Instead of just going back to sleep under the same circumstances as before though, I grabbed a smaller blanket, turned my fan off, and laid down in bed with it covering me. That worked for about an hour, but I still felt uncomfortably cold, and sort of sick too (but that was present for the entire time I'd been sleeping), so I ended up waking up again around 1, for long enough to grab my comforter off the floor, and go back to sleep with it covering me and that fan not blowing at all. I feel rested enough now, but that will probably change by the time I come home tonight.

For now though, I need to go microwave the last hamburger that's left downstairs for supper, then bide my time until 7. Looking forward to Tuesday through Friday this week, because I have all four days off, but my plans for a couple of them are mostly hinging on going to Greyhound tomorrow and buying the bus tickets I need to visit Dyno. We'll see what happens~

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