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Taking Things Back

Espionage :D I was just rooting through Naomi's room, looking to take back some of the stuff she's stolen from me. I found several things, including some of the items that were removed from my room a while ago. The ones I referred to in my "One More Thing" entry. What makes me wonder though is the amount that I found wasn't nearly as much as I had before. To put it in easier terms, I found about 5% of the amount I had before "they" were stolen. Just to clear up any suspicions, the items in question are completely safe. My use for them might be somewhat unethical, but that's about as far as it goes. It's nothing drug related (although I suppose if you look at it from a really particular angle, in the broadest sense possible, it could be), nor is it anything that I shouldn't have (really, it's a matter of people in this house not wanting me to / being disgusted that I have them). So really, the problem here isn't that I have things I shouldn't, because as long as I buy them with my own money, there's no reason I'm not allowed to have them. It's more just a matter of people in this house not knowing / caring what the word "privacy" means, and thus doing whatever the hell they want with my things.

Naomi's really the only one that roots through our stuff these days, but if she finds something that either she wants, or thinks you shouldn't have, then chances are you won't see it again. 'bout sums it up, I guess. Oh, and before I forget, guess what else I found in there. A crumpled up envelope on which Dad wrote something or other about a deposit to Adam's bank account. The amount? $300. Just a little something to show you that she doesn't really think when she takes things. Honestly (and I know it sounds really out of place) she's rather starting to seem like a Kleptomaniac to me. She has no obvious need for the things she steals, yet she doesn't stop. Some things (such as money) do make sense when she steals them, because she has no source of income as is, so she steals ours, because she rarely, if ever has any of her own. On that topic, one would think that where Mom and Dad are concerned, her suddenly having a large amount of money (in this case, $20 or more) would raise a red flag, and make them think twice about just dismissing it. If they started questioning her about where she got the money she was using to buy things, we'd probably start noticing a lot less of ours going missing.

Volunteering this afternoon wasn't too bad. As I suspected, Michele had me finish what I was doing last Wednesday, although I was doing it the wrong way. See, what I was typing were question and answer type things for the volunteer binder. Things like "Does the Heart and Stroke Foundation offer stroke rehabilitation programs?", and the answer would be "No. See this link for information on places that do" and so on. At first I was putting them all in a table, because that's what they were in on the sheet I was copying off of, but it turns out she wanted them in the categories that we'd already made (Medical, Administrative, and such), so I had to go back and redo all those, then I did up a set of instructions for her on how to disable the grid lines in Excel, and create a link. Simple stuff, really, but of course, she's not that computer literate, so it can't be helped. After that, I did about 200 more people whose last names started with "v" for data cleansing. There's still somewhere in the range of 1000 to go through, but I figure that if I can do 200 in a half hour, it shouldn't take a terribly long time to go through the rest. That's setting aside the fact that she said something about how I should let her know where I left off, and she'd have someone else work on them as well.

We were also out at EB Games earlier, to pick up a few things, and I got to talking with Kyle there, and asked him if he knew when they were going to be getting more Wiis in. He said either tomorrow or Friday, so hopefully that stays true. I ended up getting both Elite Beat Agents and Final Fantasy III. The total was a couple bucks away from $100 though, so unless I have enough left after getting a Wii, I'll have spent my "game money" for this pay period. Elite Beat Agents is pretty good so far, but I'm rather disappointed with the lack of songs I actually know. As for Final Fantasy III, there isn't much to say about it yet. I fought about 4 battles in the little cave you start in, before I got back attacked, and turned my DS off. The one thing I noticed while we were at EB though is that they have quite a few copies of Twilight Princess. All are for the Wii though. I'd buy the game, but if I were to, I'd be breaking into the money I've still got tucked away upstairs, and that wouldn't end well, because once I open the envelope, I'm going to be wanting to spend the rest. No, for right now, I'll wait. If I'm not able to get a Wii either tomorrow or Friday, I'll probably get Twilight Princess, hide the rest of the money, and try my best not to spend it.

So anyways, after we went to EB Games, we started on the way home, but I suggested that we stop by Taco Bell, so I could get my supper, and so I'd also be able to pick up my pay stub. First of all, I'm sorry I did. I didn't get asked to come in or anything, but for one thing, the decorating in the dining room is right awful. If you've been in there recently, you'll know what I mean. I want to find the person who's bright idea it was to wrap all the pictures around the place in wrapping paper. That's quite possibly the worst part of it. I ordered my food though, which was a meximelt, no tomatoes and no onions, a chicken chalupa, no lettuce or tomatoes, and a nachos and cheese. While it was being made, I asked Jerome if my pay stub was in the safe, as he was counting it, so he got it out, I opened it, and was disappointed. Only ~$350 for the past couple weeks. Sux. To add yet another thing to the bad stuff, I got home and unwrapped my chalupa, only to find that whoever stuffed the thing put lettuce on it. I ended up giving it to Mom, and she seemed to like it, so I suppose it didn't completely go to waste. I just asked if we'd be able to head to Arbys after we pick up Dad as well, but now that I think about it a bit more, I don't know if it'll work out. See, last I knew, they close at 10, and Dad usually gets done work around then. Y'know what? Screw it. I'll probably just ask to run by Subway on the way home. There's one right off our path, so that way, we won't waste gas either. It'll probably save me some money as well, because Arbys is ridiculously expensive. Tasty, but expensive.

As for tomorrow, I don't think I'll be going to Heart and Stroke. Even if EB Games doesn't have Wiis. Michele already said that even if I do go in tomorrow, I won't be seeing alot of her anyways, and to just do data cleansing, so I think I'll skip it this time. I really want to clean my room tonight though, because it's quite a mess lately. Underneath my bed is an absolute mess, as is everywhere that doesn't get regularly walked in :p I do have to work at 9, but if it's anything like the past Thursdays have been, we won't be terribly busy.

With that though, I think I'll be heading upstairs. Even if I end up not cleaning my room any, I still want to be up to phone EB Games tomorrow morning.

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