Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Has Finally Started to Rain

Better tonight than tomorrow though, because I have plans that sort of depend on it either not raining at all, or stopping for some of the afternoon. Technically I should try to sleep in, because I have to close on Friday night, but meh. I'm still considering staying up when I get home from work that night to get McDonalds for breakfast, seeing as I'll have Saturday off instead.

Otherwise, here we are again. I want to write an entry while I have the time, but can't think of anything good to say, so let's see...

For the first time in a couple months I actually stayed at Heart and Stroke 'till 5 today, but mostly because I spent the first hour trying to print out the little file I made up last night of all four bus schedules for my trip in August. However, the font I used in it was one I downloaded just yesterday night, so obviously Heart and Stroke's computers didn't have it, and even after being installed (it's a font, so I can't picture them even noticing), the printer would still use some other possibly built-in font which put things out of alignment. Then I had the bright idea of redoing the entire thing in Excel, which did work, and it even got laminated for free because Heather took it to Express Copies, but that took an hour on it's own. As for the work I was supposed to be doing throughout that time, I might be finished the bag of kits Michele's having me work on by next week, but after that, there are still more to be done. She hopes for everything to be finished by the end of May too, which is still reasonable because there are supposed to be other volunteers working on it, but the only one I've seen besides me is Arlene, and I'm not sure how many kits she gets done in an hour or day.

Then I came home and talked to Dyno for a bit, because he was asking me last night to tell him more about myself, but I cannot do that without questions. Either that, or knowing the topics he's like to learn where I fit into, but we will likely end up talking more when he gets home from work, so I'll see what happens then. On a somewhat related note, I also need to call Greyhound yet again sooner or later, because one of the stops on the way to Milwaukee is titled "RS Benton Harbor, MI", and has a layover of fifteen minutes. I'm thinking the RS stands for "Rest Stop", but want to make sure~

Once again though, this entry is going to end abruptly, because I have a very absurd idea that I'd still like to follow through with. Right here and now (well, not physically here, because I'll be going out), walk out to Real Canadian Superstore and possibly Walmart too. Let's see how it goes :3

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