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The Answer: Approximately 2 1/2 Hours

To go to the bank, then out to Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart, and spend time looking for stuff there, then to Taco Bell, to get a glass of water and rest for about 20 minutes, then walk the rest of the way home. I think that's pretty good, especially because I have never ever walked out there before. Now, do consider that during the daytime that would be different, due to it being hot and uncomfortable out, and also, wearing sandals is not a good idea, because I ended up with one blister on each heel, and they still sort of hurt right now.

The only bad thing is in between having walked that far last night and some rain that decided to start coming down immediately after I started walking towards the bank, I wasn't able to go to the couple places I wanted to today, but am going to wait 'till later, after 6:30 or so when Dyno leaves for work, then ask about running out to Shoppers and Wendys, because I need a Mother's Day card at very least, and still want to get supper from there. Then as for the other place I was planning to visit, well, they're only open 'till 4, so I'll just have to go there next time I have two days off, or after however long it takes for me to get tired of waiting for two days in a row and decide to just use the closest one instead.

Now, another interesting thing happened today. Two years ago on this date, at approximately 7am or so, I began writing an email to myself using one of those future-mailing services. Today, at exactly 6:34am, that email was delivered, and of all the questions I asked myself, it's interesting to see how many of them changed. For easiness, however, that will be going into a cut~

[I'm 22 years old (this'll obviously have changed)]
As the "title" says, there's no way this couldn't have changed, but for completeness, I am now 24. Yay ^^

[I'm a furry. Species, Snow Leopard <3]
In complete honesty, not as much as before. If anything these days, it's more or less feeling physical and emotional connection to the animals, and feeling that it truly fits with the way I think and act. As for calling myself furry, it's more of a weird thing these days, because there's a sort of stigma that comes with calling yourself that, and it almost doesn't seem to be worth the trouble to clear that up with somebody so you can go back to what you were doing. A better way of saying it is as follows: anymore these days, if somebody stops me on the street and asks what's with the tail and ears, I tell them it's just because, and that it's something I enjoy doing. Also, I would give myself alot of trouble for saying "I'm a furry", because I think it sounds proper to simply say "I'm furry" these days, but everybody has their own preference. I still feel that that is the actual "right" way, for a reason I can't explain, but that's not something I'm going to take so seriously right now either.

[I've been to a furmeet in London once with squnq. I badly want to go again, but I don't want to push my luck by asking him too many times]
This has definitely changed. Not in terms of going back with him, obviously, but for attending the meet in general. I actually think I saw him there one time since that first Monday night, but that aside, I have gone back, and that's about the only change that could be made to that :3

[I own two tails, and am currently waiting on a third one, but have no other plans for a fursuit, aside from ears and paws]
Nothing changed here, aside from the number of tails. From two, waiting on the third to nine in 2 years <3 As for the fursuit thing, that's still the same. Fursuits for applications outside the furry fandom still make sense to me (sporting events, for example), but inside the fandom, they strike me as bordering on unnecessary now. Yeah, by saying that I may be a hypocrite because I do own a collection of tails, then have paws and ears as well, but I like the idea of adding to who you are. Full suits, on the other hand, cover your entire body, and that, frankly, seems superficial.

[There's no real limit for me when it comes to staying up late, aside from whenever I get tired. As I write this, it's 11:10 in the morning, and I've been awake since ~6:00 yesterday evening]
Still no limit, but there are a couple new conditions. One is staying up past 10am or so is really ridiculous (there's nothing to do then anymore aside from wanting to go to bed), and also, for the past couple weeks, I've been waking up at 1pm on a regular basis to either go to Heart and Stroke, or to talk to Dyno. Today, I've been awake since 12:30am, only because I woke up then and didn't think I'd be able to fall back asleep for the last half hour, but in general, this one's pretty much the same.

[I spend way too much money on videogames, and buy at least one a month]
Right now, no. I spend way too much money on certain other items, but videogames really aren't a big deal to me anymore. The last one I actually bought was either Pokemon Platinum or that Tales of Symphonia game for the Wii, and the rest are DS games that I find ROMs of online~

[I work at the Chatham Taco Bell, mostly on closes, but am always happy to have a supper or day shift for a change of pace]
I still work at Taco Bell, obviously, but the only way I'd take a non-closing shift is if there was no way out of it. One thing that definitely has changed though is that (or at least I like to think) if a night came up in the future where all the managers were unavailable, I'd be able to fill in. I know how to do pretty much everything, aside from counts and end-of-the-night paperwork, and for the most part, I do things myself instead of consulting with a manager first, because to do so would eventually add up to lots of wasted time.

[I live in Chatham, but I can't help feeling like I want to get out of this place]
The city hasn't changed, but the want to get out of here is no longer present. That was, to the best of my memory, due to inability to attend the meets though, so there's a little bit of sense to it.

[I'm without my driver's license]
Still the same. However, with having walked to the outskirts of this city yesterday night, I don't think it's extremely necessary at the moment. Last time I really wanted it was when going to visit Dyno was first being talked about, but as of earlier this week, I have the bus tickets either purchased or in my possession, and that should work just as well :3

[I never smoke, drink, do drugs, or any of those sorts of things]
Your guess is as good as mine what brought this one on, but I still don't. Literally not enough patience or money for them, and I don't see what everybody else finds so enjoyable about any of those things.

Aside from a couple other miscellaneous questions or obversations though, that's it. What this also means is that sometime before I go to bed tonight, I'm going to have to send off another one of the same sorts of emails so I can see what things were like now another two years in the future.

Quite possibly the only thing that's bad right now is my throat is sore, but it's better than earlier this week, which I eventually traced back to not eating enough ^^; Well, technically it wasn't traced back to that, but I remember those couple days when I was eating only when I was hungry, and how so much as drinking a glass of water hurt, so the second night I was noticing problems at work, I ate a single nacho with cheese, and within 5 minutes felt at least 50% better. Going to work tomorrow night is going to be interesting as well with Joe closing, but Saturday off will be nice too, because everything is working out towards me being able to sleep in for as long as I want, just as long as weather permits, but it's supposed to rain for a good part of tomorrow, at least, so it should stay pretty cool.

Technically I could sleep in tomorrow too, with not having to be at work 'till 9, but meh. We'll see. For right now, I'm just waiting for Dyno to get home, because that game he wants to play online came in the mail today, and most of the afternoon thus far has been spent playing through the tutorial and generally getting a feel for the game. Even before that though, I'm off to 7-11, because I want both ice cream and a(nother Slurpee). I have the money in my wallet, because I never got to go where I wanted to earlier today (thanks to rain), so why not?~

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