Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Same Circumstances as Yesterday Night

It's 6:30 right now, which means I have to leave in half an hour. Unfortunately, I haven't as much to write tonight. I did, thankfully, get a far better sleep, in that aside from waking up to use the bathroom at noon or so, I slept from ~6 to 2:30, and really, the biggest problems today are that I'm still coughing a bit (which usually doesn't stop until after I've dislodged the offending... "blockage", and then also, it hurts if I try to take a really deep breath then exhale immediately afterwards. Well, the walk to work last night was also tiring, enough so that both George and Manoah were telling me I could go home at midnight if I wanted, but that turned out to not be necessary, and the walk home went much better anyways, so that works.

Tonight, however, will probably be going differently again though, because I'm going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow (although Michele never responded to the email that said I could come in on Tuesday and Wednesday this week), but then the same thing applies for Tuesday, and Joe is actually closing then, so that should be interesting. Moreso is that it'll be his last shift at that Taco Bell entirely, because then he's moving to London and transferring to one of the stores there, where they'll presumably be having him work closes.

As for previously-mentioned work related drama, it's still present to a degree, enough so that Manoah was quite upset about several things last night, but we talked for a bit, and he realized he was actually "in the right". One of the bigger issues right now is when he called Steve to see if it was okay that I was taking James' shift on Friday (for you have to check with the manager of that shift), his Mom answered the phone instead, and more or less gave him a really hard time. Then, Steve apparently was talking to Earl about that the next time they worked together, and the two of them came up with a rule that no outside calls should be made after 10pm. Funny, because Manoah called Sheila that same night at ~10:30 without issue, which was the main thing he realized.

Oh, and Ange is supposedly going to be coming back onto closes sometime soon too. This time, however, Manoah wants to work with her as little as I do, and if her attitude is the same as it is on days, it won't be long before somebody yells at her.

Anyways, yeah. Sometime soon I need to just go over everything about work in one long LJ-cut just to get it out of my head, but for now I have to leave, so I'll leave you with a new picture of my desktop, featuring oddly shaped fruit. I think it looks nice too, but then again, I say that about all of them~

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