Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Probably Hated us This Morning

Then again, I have to ask why, on a Monday night, when the only thing I dropped was a chicken (and if I'd checked the cabinet more carefully I wouldn't have even had to do that), we ended up carrying over ten pounds of beef, three and a half nacho cheeses, three steaks, four chickens, and half a bus bin of bean. That would've been a lot of food for a weekend night even, but yeah. The best part about it was that on Mondays and Thursdays, since the order comes in then, the openers like the carryover to be put on the dish cart (which doesn't make sense anyways because it'll be pushed to the back of the walk in to make room for the order stuff), but there was no way it was all fitting on there last night, so it was just left at the front of the walk-in for them to deal with in the morning.

That aside, last night was pretty good, although I confirmed one more thing to be wary of - drinking water, even half a glass, before leaving for work will cause me to have sharp pains in my side start at some point during the walk. At least I think that's what it is, but it wasn't pleasant, and will be the second night in a row that it's happened now. Thankfully I have just one more close left tonight, then tomorrow off, although I'm going to Heart and Stroke again then, and might also see about going grocery shopping later at night, because I don't want to have to rush to get that done in the afternoon and be back at home in time to do other things before leaving for work. Also, there's something else I want to pick up at Walmart (and yeah, I'm definitely not going to say in a public entry right now), and would rather get out there as soon as possible, lest they somehow have all disappeared on Thursday.

Also, this "song". Indeed. I ended up downloading their entire discography after hearing one song I really liked here (yeah, I could probably have come off just as well with the single album, but figured "If I like this, then I'm probably going to want the others as well, so I guess I could just save myself some trouble and download all of them at once". Now, watch that movie until about halfway through, and they say that rearranging the CD's tracks according to a certain sequence will make it so that the whole thing flows much better. Thus far, it's noticeable in the first two songs, but I wasn't paying much attention after that. Anyways, it's just creepy hearing this song end, followed by silence, then this scratchy static that starts getting louder and louder followed by, well, listen to the track and you'll hear it for yourself <3

But yeah, it's now 1:55, which means I need to put some more music on my PSP (I'll give you one guess which) then see if Mom's still awake or not, because I'd like a ride to Heart and Stroke, and thus have time to work out the details of tomorrow with her as well~

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