Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

There's Nothing Left to Do...

It's also pretty much 11:00, which means even if I get called to come in and do dishes now I'm going to say no, but outside of that, I've already cleaned the entire living room (well, not the entire thing, but most of it), tided my own room up, which mainly involved rolling things up, stuffing them into boxes, and transferring said boxes to my closet, along with picking up bits of garbage and thinking about vacuuming. I still haven't, but have the entire night ahead of me, so there's plenty of time for me to get bored enough.

I'm actually surprised that hasn't happened yet, because today, as with Wednesday afternoon, has been incredibly slow. I originally had some walking about planned for earlier, but that never took off because I really don't have the money this week and having to clean the house for tomorrow also got in the way of that. Perhaps I'll have a chance next week, but if not, there are still two, almost three months left. You wouldn't think having nothing to do would be a problem either, with how last night at work went. The one new interesting thing out of the night is that Mike actually bought one fan for the store, and instructed Earl to buy another, but frankly, we didn't have such liberties the past two summers, so I don't see what's so different this year. I won't complain though, because they were one of the few things helping to keep me awake last night.

So that was one thing. The others were how busy it was, then also my neck starting to hurt, and even getting a headache again as we got closer to close, but now I've found something to do (playing Knytt; not Knytt Stories - just Knytt), so I'm going to post this instead of forgetting about it and wondering why I get prompted to restore a draft next time I want to write an entry~

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