Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

If This Goes Past the End of the Month...

Then I will seriously be seeing about making an appointment to see Dr. Leigh, or possibly visiting the hospital to find out what's going on. Why? Because this is more or less what's going on right now, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. For starters, I'm still coughing alot more than normal. When I'm sitting down or laying in bed, it's mostly alright, because as previously stated, coughing causes whatever's accumulating in my throat to become dislodged, followed by the need to cough subsiding. If, however, I'm standing up, such as is often the case at work, the blockage does not move, and, in what can only be described as unfair, my head starts to hurt instead, and given enough coughing I could end up with a headache before my shift is over.

That mostly seems to be remedied by talking as little as possible and drinking some water when I feel a cough coming on though, so for the time being I will just make do and hope it doesn't become any worse.

The second problem, far more present at home than work, is my nose running and me sneezing alot more. There may be other reasons that account for that for all I know though, so unless it persists as these other problems are, I'm not going to worry about it.

Third, and final for the big things is what I can only describe as suddenly being really out of shape. It varies from occasion to occasion, but the extreme is not even being able to get out of bed without running out of breath, and if it's not that, I can walk across the hallway to the bathroom or downstairs to get cereal if I'm just waking up, but sure enough, by the time I get back up to my room I will be breathing heavier than normal. Around the house is generally fine though, because I'm not anywhere that requires me to keep moving, but work, however, is not. Even walking there and home quickly becomes a matter of trying to keep my breathing under control (and therefore not too heavy), which works for long enough to get me to my destination, but as soon as I get there, I start breathing really heavily again, and have to sit down for at least five minutes to rest. Maybe it's walking really quickly that's my problem, because I could be sure I left for work at 8 tonight, and made it there in thirteen minutes as opposed to twenty. Although crossing the street just before the intersection by Tim Hortons and the police station was fun, because I walked out into the road thinking I would have enough time to cross, then this van drives up to me wanting to get past, and I think they honked, then after I'd walked past the guy rolled down his window and yelled "Honestly!" twice, followed by me saying "Yeah" in an annoyed tone of voice, but I don't think he heard that. Honestly what? Am I no longer allowed to cross the road? I'm sorry, and maybe it was legitimate impaired judgment on my part, but it looked like there would be plenty of time for me to get out of the way before you drove past, which is why I kept going.

Tangents aside, running out of breath is once again an issue. It was to a degree when I was getting everything ready for the order earlier tonight too (which nobody else helped with, thanks very much to them), but it finally came to the point where all that was left was bringing the cases of fries up to the table in the middle and transferring them from there to the walk in, and I really felt like stopping to take a break at that point, but I did not, and simply had to take an extra 30 seconds or so to catch my breath once that was finished. Oddly enough, it seems like when I'm standing up having that problem isn't as big of an issue, but if I'm sitting down or laying in bed, as mentioned before, it is.

The last problem, which isn't so much an issue as the others, is my body not being able to decide whether it's hot, cold, or right in the middle. Earlier this afternoon when I woke up I was fine, but then started getting cold after moving out from under the blanket, because of the fan blowing. Cereal didn't help much with that either, so when I was done eating, I laid back down in bed with the blanket over me and went about things on my laptop. It is the oddest feeling knowing that you're in a position that normally keeps you quite warm (sometimes uncomfortably so), and yet all you can feel are your numb extremeties. Sometime after that though, I started feeling too warm, so I reached over and turned my fan on. Fine again for a little bit, until I started feeling uncomfortably cold again, and by that point I had to leave for work, so I reasoned it would be warm there and that would help heat me up some. It was, I guess, but the walk to work was apparently cold, because when I got there my fingers were still numb, so I played PSPRevolution for a bit in hopes to warm them up, and that helped a slight bit, but I was still really slow at it. Thankfully, I have no problems to report regarding internal temperature at work, but then I came home and felt slightly cold, but laid down in bed again to warm up, then Dyno and I talked in Skype for a bit, and while we were doing that I felt fine, but after he went to bed I started feeling really warm again.

To sum it up as quickly as possible it's really weird, and is almost as if my body temperature is directly proportionate to my contentedness, but that really wouldn't explain why I had no problems at work, unless it was from knowing we were getting paid time and a half tonight. I'm just getting tired of this, because never before have I had any issues with being sick for more than a week, and now this has been going for far longer than now.

There are also other things I'd like to write about (such as the wonderful paint job that has and is still being done at work), but for now, I want to play Knytt Stories some more then possibly send Michele an email to say I'll be in on Wednesday and maybe Thursday of this week. Oh, and blow my nose too because I just sneezed again, but at this point, that's nothing new~

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