Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Holding Out for One More Day

This week, I'm lucky enough to get Thursday and Friday off, but at the moment my only plans are to visit either Staples to see if they have more hard drive enclosures, or another place out on St. Clair that's past Wendys but before Gregory Drive. Well, there, and definitely to Zellers at some point too, because last time I went there I badly wanted to buy candy (or chocolate bars, more specifically) but wasn't sure if I'd have enough money, so yeah. Maybe I'll just see about removing the other hard drive from the one enclosure we have right now, because all I really want to do is transfer the movies and TV shows that are on the disconnected storage drive to one of the external ones in my room so I can have more to watch. The only problem with that would be finding the little instruction booklet that came with it, but I'll see how necessary that turns out to be then.

As for holding out, well, in a word, work. First of all, consider that from what I've heard, Mike told either Earl or Sheila (or possibly both of them) that the legs on the tables in the dining room needed to be repainted. That's perfectly understandable, and of course, a bit of paint was spilled and dripped in the process, but that's what happens when you rush whatever you're doing. Somehow, however, one of them (presumably Sheila) got it into her head that the rest of the dining room needed to be repainted as well, and just... watch this movie, see the current state of it, and join me in shaking your head in disapproval. I'm not saying I could have done any better than whoever did that much (but I most certainly would have tried), but honestly, put some garbage bags down where you're going to paint. Try to find a shade that at least matches what's currently on the walls instead of just plain white. If you happen to drip paint anywhere, wipe it up with a napkin, or, if it was me, I would try diluting it with some water then doing the same. As the video description says, I can only hope I have the day off next time Mike is in.

Better yet, there are also pictures of other less-than-satisfactory areas of the store, but I will not post those until I have a chance to do something about them and therefore have before-and-after pictures, because they're just not pleasant.

In other news (still work related), one of the tills at front cash effectively died tonight, so even at the time of me writing this entry, we are technically still open, and my till is not counted, because apparently it is impossible to print off any reports whatsoever if even one of the tills is off. Then also, some random lady's car just up and died in the drive through at about 12:30, and she was there until quarter after 2 when we left. Manoah decided as well that he wanted to do line and put me on drive through, which is what kept us there until 2, but whatever, because that's a recurring theme when he's on line.

It is, unfortunately, almost 6 in the morning though, and I'm going to Heart and Stroke today (for the one day this week), so I should probably try to get to sleep. I thankfully seem to be feeling a little bit better as well now, but we'll see how things go on Thursday, because one way or the other they'll involve some walking for me~

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