Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Two Can Play at This Game

Well, it's not really a game, per se, but to say "emulating somebody else's behavior" is much too long and complicated. The specifics of how and why will remain unsaid for now, but it comes down to a matter of, oh... "hypocrisy" works well in this case, I think. Just... I like to think I have very good reasons for taking a certain course of action in one particular type of situation, but then apparently I can't without affecting somebody else, while they will happily (well, "willingly", perhaps) do the same with no qualms whatsoever.

Obviously today is not going very well in terms of the mood I'm in, but ever since waking up yesterday afternoon the only remotely good thing was work, and that was because it was slow for the first part of the night which enabled us to have everything except for the floors done by 12. Also, I am going to be terribly sad when they eventually get rid of the fans, because I was having far more fun than you would expect in folding up wraps and sticking them halfway into them, or sprinkling small amounts of chives over the top and watching them blow everywhere ^^; Then both Marissa and Steve jokingly told me to stop playing with them, so I did and went out to sit in the dining room or something. The one bad part of the night was bar rush, wherein, as per usual, half of the rush decided to come at ten to, which Steve quickly became very irritated at. Walking home was alright too, because I once again took my shirt off about halfway down Wellington St, but still, it needs to actually get to the point where it's either as warm or warmer outside than it is in the store before I walk the entire way home like that, because the two times thus far have been out of "I'm walking quickly enough to work up a sweat here, so I'll take my shirt off and hopefully be a bit more comfortable."

In terms of other mood-altering things, sleep, which constitutes most of the rest of the reason. Both mornings / afternoons I've slept from 6am to 2:30pm, so it's not as if the amount of sleep is an issue (or at least I would hope not), but rather the dreams I'm having. I can't remember any from yesterday, but just earlier this afternoon they were either of the "If this were real life, I would beat the responsible party to within an inch of consciousness" variety, or just sad and depressing, so I won't repeat either of them, because I don't want to have them in here to remember.

Anyways, two other random (and less-negative) things to end this entry on. Number one, bacon cereal. I've already tried making it once, and it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped (due to not having enough bacon), then with being sick the past several weeks I didn't eat any of it at all (I figured just in case I was "normally" sick, I didn't want to eat any pig-derived products and risk making it worse), but then on Friday night, since I was feeling alright aside from my nose being runny, I made my own. Sort of funny, because I keep thinking to myself that I still want to lose weight yet I eat what amounts to an entire package of bacon with dressing on top, but whatever. I intend to start walking longer ways to and home from work again soon, which will help offset some of the "What did I just eat?" situations. Thing two is another desktop picture, with at least one thing changed from default. With the description of that picture though, I now have something to try and figure out, then after that, probably installing more of those levels, but I've said all I wanted to anyways (at least for now), so the timing couldn't be better~

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