Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Time Flies by in All Situations

Well, it's only been two days technically, but yeah. To think last night I was laying here in bed trying to recall what I'd done with my day, and couldn't even remember at first that I'd gone to Heart and Stroke. I did though, and it was okay, outside of forgetting my wallet at home and thus not being able to go to Shoppers then. It started to rain very, very lightly on the way home anyways though, so had I stayed out for longer it probably would have just gotten worse. Work there is coming along well though, and by simple appearance, it seems there is only a bag and a half of kits left to go through, which I could possibly even finish next week if I went in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and stayed 'till 5 each day. It's kind of interesting how that specific task goes though, because if I'm not listening to music, I work at a normal to slow pace, but if I take the time to untangle my headphones and start listening to music on my PSP, I can go so much faster. Especially now that I've realized it saves alot of time to copy the URL for the volunteer receipt distribution page, so after you finish with one kit, you can simply paste it into the address bar and save yourself clicking through three extra pages.

So next week in regards to that will be, well, we'll see right now, because I'd like to go in on both Tuesday and Wednesday at least, but that mostly depends on my schedule for work. I know I'm working from tonight until Tuesday at least, but after that, I don't know, because the following schedule hasn't been made yet. I was actually at Taco Bell briefly (for ten minutes, at most) last night too, but that was in hopes that Manoah was closing and I could talk to him about a couple things, but Steve was there instead, and asked if I'd help with the dishes because Marissa called in. No, not particularly, because if you didn't notice I walked in here with a large and heavy bag containing, among other things, a birthday card for Dad, and I would rather get them home as soon as possible. I left without another word though (well, not before walking down the hallway to the bathroom), and the phone did not ring once from the time I got back home until the time I went to bed, so hopefully they were able to deal with what they had. It isn't that I don't want to help either, but don't expect me to really want to if I'm stopping by on the way home from somewhere else. That indicates that I have plans, and usually when I agree to come in and wash dishes, it's because I'm sitting at home with nothing to do.

The only other unusual part of the night after that was going to 7-11 at close to 3am, and the things I bought there remind me exactly why I stopped eating spicy food (at least in large quantities), but hopefully the worst of that is done and over with now. I do need to stop by Canada Trust on the way home from work tonight though to get money to put in Dad's card, seeing as his birthday is literally tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm expected to start work at 8 as well, but I've already warned Manoah I won't be able to make it in until 9, and he closes tonight too, so hopefully we'll be able to take care of that later.

Until then, there are a few things I'd like to tidy up on here, then find something else to occupy my time until 7~

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