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First of all, a warning. The following contains stuff that you probably won't want to read, just because of the content, but there's no way I'm putting an entire entry behind an LJ-cut, so read it at your own risk.

So, continuing on with being sick. It sucks. Earlier on in the night (about 8:30), I was down here, doing stuff on the computer, when I started to get more and more tired. I ended up just closing all the stuff I had open, then went upstairs to bed. I slept for what felt like a good 5 or 6 hours, but when I got up to the bathroom, I couldn't tell what time it was. Things were somewhat light outside, so I figured it must be early on in the morning. Of course, after I finished up in the bathroom, I went back into my room, crawled into bed, and opened my DS to check what time it was (seeing as I had the alarm set on it). To my dismay, it was only 11:47 or something. I really hate that in these circumstances. You have a good, restful sleep, and expect to wake up to find that it's 8 or 9 hours after you went to bed, but then you take a look at a clock, and find that you've only been asleep for a couple hours.

Sometimes that's fun, such as once, a while ago, I went to bed around 7pm because I was extremely tired, and the next time I woke up, it felt like I'd been asleep for almost half a day. I was very rested, and felt infinitely better that I had when I'd gone to bed, but when I looked at my clock, I found that it was only 9. If we hadn't been in school back then (and thus subject to our parents' rules on bedtime), I could've gotten up, and come down here like I am right now, and just done whatever I wanted, but no. In that particular case, I had to stay in bed.

Anyways, today on a whole sucked. After I finished writing my previous entry, I went back upstairs to bed. When I woke up, my legs felt wet, and there were puddles of something in various places on the bed. For a couple seconds, I dismissed it as being sweat, but then I actually realized what it was. Diarrhea. I stumbled into the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet, and once I was finished there, went back into my room. At first I just settled on flattening out the blankets that were on my bed, and just sleeping on top of those, but that was too uncomfortable. I took the mattress cover off, and grabbed the soiled blanket, and brought them down to the basement. They're still there right now, and I'm hardly even able to go down the stairs to put them in the dryer.

So I put those two things in the washer, and went back upstairs. Because the mattress cover on my bed was gone, I just sat down in my chair, and stayed there for about 10 minutes before I had to go to the bathroom again. While I was in there, I attempted to clear my mouth out by sucking everything in there into one big ball, then spitting it out into the garbage. I don't know what happened, or why, but that made me start feeling even more sick. I quickly flushed the toilet, and got down on the floor in front of it, and I'm sure you can guess what happened after that. Interestingly enough, during all that, when I flushed the toilet to get rid of all my puke, the smell that came from it when it was filling back up was curiously calming. Probably because it was mostly cold air, now that I think of it.

Once that was done and over with, I stayed in my room 'till about 3, before going downstairs and phoning Earl to let him know I wouldn't be coming in for work tonight. I think he was pissed at that though, because after I told him, he just said "You're not coming in? Okay bye." I told him I was sorry, which was answered with a second "Okay bye." I know once someone calls in sick, you're pretty much in a rush after that to find someone to replace them, but it just seemed really weird.

From there, I crawled back into bed and attempted to play some more Vice City Stories, but the position I was in was causing me cramps or something else that really hurt, so I put my PSP down, and moved to my chair. That's where I stayed for the next couple hours, just reading random Readers' Digests. One of these days, I'm going to beat that mission on Vice City Stores (it's the first one, heh), but it seems that whenever I pick it up to get somewhere on it, something happens that prevents me from playing it.

As for this sickness on a whole, I don't know. It's been ages since I got sick to the point where I actually spent most of the day in my room, so it seems odd that I'd just get something out of the blue like this. I'm really hoping the worst of it's over by tomorrow though, because I couldn't bring myself to call in sick a second time. I suppose it's a good thing EB Games didn't have Wiis today either, because I'd hate to end up actually getting one, and not being able to play it because I was feeling sick. I suppose though that it would be better to buy one and not be able to play it immediately, as opposed to refusing to leave the house entirely because you weren't feeling well.

With that, I'm going to head back upstairs though. I'm getting pretty tired again, so hopefully this time I'll stay asleep 'till my alarm clock wakes me up. As for work tomorrow, no, I don't want to call in sick again, but I may not have any other choice. We'll have to wait and see :\

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