Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Forgot About the Coupons

Waking up on Wednesday afternoon, I went downstairs before anything else to get some cereal and check what came in the mail. Nothing much of interest, aside from Taco Bell coupons, and for everything that is holy, were they certainly popular last night. Well, the family pack ones anyways, which I'm still not sure if they're actually coupons or not, but from 8 until 9 I saw or heard at least ten of them being sold. Thankfully I wasn't on line at the time (cleaning mini and counting tills so Manoah could go have a smoke), but yeah. Then one random lady at front cash responded to my asking Kim how many family packs she'd sold that the one she was ordering was just for her son at home. Excuse me? Your son is going to eat at least sixteen dollars worth of food on his own?

But last night went quite well in terms of how busy it was anyways, because when I started, as just stated I cleaned mini then counted two tills off, then bagged up some more pans for hot line or something, and eventually helped stuff and expedite a few orders before taking over drive through for Marissa for a half hour so she could go sit down and have a break because the customers were pretty much non-stop up until then. It died down drastically after 11 too, but we did still get a bar rush, of course, and altogether it was a decent night. The new schedule is up too, and from looking at it I learned that I have this coming Thursday and Friday off, and that works well too, because we're going to get our hair cut on Friday, and get paid on Thursday, so what I'm tentatively thinking right now is, because one of the places I still want to check for those certain items is No Frills, I'll walk out there provided it isn't raining and they're open 'till at least 8. For snacks too, of course, but in general just to have something to look forward to doing with my night.

Actually, considering what might end up happening with Heart and Stroke this week, it's not a half-bad idea to go straight out to No Frills if and when I finish there on Thursday. I want to do that one way or the other though, so hopefully the weather permits.

As for today, I am, well, waiting for now, I guess. There are two extra vehicles in the driveway, so I presume our company is here, but when I ran downstairs earlier there was no sign of them, so perhaps they've just gone out for a walk or something. Looking at the cards on the counter Dad turns 60 today too, which is, well, not unbelievable, but definitely not what I was expecting. Still, it's fitting, because there's $60 all tightly wrapped up inside his card too, which I'm going to surprise him with at supper later as I did with Mom on Mother's Day. I do also have to start thinking about Father's Day because that's going to be here really quickly too, but at this point, just taking him out for supper as we did with Mom? Yeah, probably, but the only two places I can think of to go to are Smittys, or that other restaurant in the Thames Lea Plaza that I can't think of the name for right now.

At any rate, I'm going to go at least stick my head out the door to see if I can hear any different voices downstairs, and if not, come back in here and find something to entertain myself for a little while longer~

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