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So Much for Supper

It's now twelve after seven, and I have yet to eat, because apparently they decided they weren't going to say anything. Screw this. You honestly think I'm up here sleeping all afternoon? Yeah, right. I've been awake since 3, and didn't even eat any cereal because I figured we'd be eating supper in only a couple hours, but, well, yeah. So I'll get something at work tonight (right now I want to try just red strips and jalapeno sauce rolled up), or just eat when I get home. I'm not about to go down there right now and get any food, because just... no. I don't even feel like giving Dad that card at this point, but perhaps I'll just write "Thanks for telling me it was supper time" on the envelope and leave it on the chest in the front hallway when I leave.

Or wait, I hear the front door opening downstairs, then Naomi talking, so some of them are presumably on the porch for whatever reason, likely to just get outside since it's nice out.

You know what? Screw this irritation too. I can at least go downstairs, grab some food, and possibly say hi. I would really really like to make it through at least one shift at work where I don't eat something there, even if that means I make something before leaving and bring it home, but yeah. There's really no sense in me sitting up here being angry and pissed off when it's mostly my fault for being up here in the first place. Yesh~