Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Last Night Was Still Better

Despite it being busier for the first couple hours, that is. I mean, let's see. First of all there was that thing with supper, which, according to Adam, Naomi, and even Mom (although indirectly) could have easily been avoided because they all told me it was time to eat (yet I still stand by not hearing anything). It's rare enough to have company these days. Most of our extended family live too far away, and we only see Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark, who do live here in Chatham, once or twice a year, so it's nice that, at least in Naomi's case, she wouldn't say anything in order to "pull one over" on me. Secondly, for the past couple weeks at least, not one night has gone by where Dad or somebody else hasn't asked me if I was eating supper with them, so why the exception in this case? Granted, it was Dad's birthday, so if there was ever a day where he shouldn't have to worry about that it should've been then, but still.

I did end up eating some ham and a couple rolls before leaving for work though, so that wasn't a complete loss. The other fun part came upon leaving for work. Right away, I ran into (figuratively) Aunt Helen in the dining room and said hi to her quickly, because I needed to get going, then stepped out onto the porch where Aunt Carol, Uncle Brent, Christopher (one of their sons), and Dad were sitting. Not being in a pleasant mood (more or less the thought of "I'm being outright lied to my face in the house, so please don't bother me right now"), I uttered another quick "Hi", then took off down the steps, all the while with Dad calling my name, saying hi himself, and holding up the card I left on the table for him. Nice Dad, really, I'm glad you're happy with that money, but I much would've preferred to give you the card over supper and have actually had the chance to say hi to everybody then as opposed to not at all and leaving them possibly wondering why I was in such a bad mood.

Then the walk to work was fun as well. I really wish I'd brought my camera along, because the entire way along Wellington, the sky above me was gray and completely covered in clouds, yet off in the distance it was bright, blue, and sunny. I walked along thinking nothing of it for the first little bit (well, at most "If it does start to rain I should be ahead of it by then"), and right near the end of the street, heard the first rumbling of thunder, followed by rain starting to fall gently. Then more came as I continued walking along, and it had pretty much stopped by the time I reached the first set of lights past Grand Ave, but even in that five minute time span, my clothes were almost throughly soaked. Not so much that they couldn't dry at work, but even then they didn't entirely, so I was left to walk home feeling damp which would've been worse if I had walked more slowly, so meh.

As for work, well, among other developments, Earl has quit working at Taco Bell in favor of Burger King, meaning that we're getting a new GM this coming Wednesday (so soon, apparently) who lives in Windsor, and as such, they will be supposedly training Sheila to be the general manager instead, and among other ramifications that will have, if it happens Manoah says he will be leaving and never coming back, so we'll see what happens there. Right now, well, all I really care about is staying on closes, and as long as Sheila is left in charge of the schedule, that shouldn't be a problem. The actual shift was fairly busy too, and we didn't get out of there until 4, but there have easily been worse nights. I only worry that if Fridays and Saturdays continue as they're going (where a good portion of the bar rush customers decide to come at quarter to and sometimes still be in drive through after 3) we'll soon be open 'till 4am instead, as it was when I first started working there.

Whatever the case though, it's 6 and I need to go to bed, so we'll have to see what surprises tomorrow holds. There's still a whole pumpkin pie and untouched tray of brownies on the counter, as well as a third car in the driveway, so maybe there are still plans to be had for tomorrow. That actually worried me a bit when I got home, because I didn't want to come upstairs and find that my top bunk had been cleared off to allow for it to be used for sleeping, or the entire bed itself moved to grant access to the spare room, but nothing seems to have changed, so hopefully I can sleep in peace, and, having said that, that's exactly what I'm going to do (hopefully)~

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