Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Half an Hour to Write Many Things

I really shouldn't do this to myself. Get home from work at quarter to 2, then just be lazy (aside from putting laundry in the washing machine) and play games and eat hamburgers and pumpkin pie as a snack until 5:30 (approximately), and I'd like to be on my way to falling asleep by 6, but there is no way that's going to happen right now.

First and foremost, the lingering memory of a dream I had last night.

I had just finished at work, and instead of walking home, went the other way, as if I was heading out to, say, Real Canadian Superstore. That wasn't my destination though, because right up where Little Caesars is in real life, I reached the place I was headed for. What, despite not having been told in any way, shape, or form previously, I somehow knew was where a new Taco Bell was being built. They had already started too, so I walked in, but the entire building was no bigger than a bathroom, and all that was in it was a pop stand and some cups. I grabbed one and tried to find the little lever to pull on to pour water, and when I finally found it, I noticed a slightly orange-tinted liquid was coming out instead. It was then that I looked at the labels on the pop things, and saw that they were all the types that the Taco Bell in Illinois near MFF had. Then, unfortunately, I realized I'd forgotten my wallet and PSP back at the bank (apparently), so me and somebody else ran back there to grab them, then back to the new Taco Bell again, and that's all I remember.

What might have this been influenced or caused by? As mentioned at least once in here, Lynn is no longer the area manager at Heart and Stroke, and is instead now working in some or all capacity as the manager of the Downtown Chatham Centre. Last time I was in at Heart and Stroke, she stopped by as well for reasons unknown, and, among other random small talk, asked what the owner of Taco Bell's name was, because she could see them doing quite well for business in the mall too. Thus, that's been on my mind as an interesting and amusing thought for a while now, and last night I kept thinking I should tell Manoah to see what he thought, but never did, and apparently in lieu of saying anything at work, it came out in my dream instead. Yay. Whether or not that will actually happen is still largely unknown though (I couldn't remember the guy's last name ("Brockelbank") until she was just about to leave), but it is interesting to think about perhaps still working for the company "in charge" of Taco Bell, but working at both stores on a "We need you these days, and the other store needs you here" basis. That would also involve day shifts though, so it likely wouldn't be as fun as I'm thinking, but still, there's no harm in entertaining the thought.

Actual work tonight was excessively busy, and to sort of illustrate what I mean, from 8 - 1 in the morning, I made roughly $830 worth of food by myself. Because I just love coupons and everybody that comes through after midnight and can't help themselves ordering, oh, just a cheesy gordita crunch on top of their combo 3 or somesuch. I am so looking forward to my days off, but then again, that's only two, after which it's right back "into the fire" so to speak. We did get out of there in decent time, but making food on your own for two solid hours (with a couple five minute breaks here and there, to be fair) is enough to stress anybody out, or at least when the rest of the store around you is a mess and needs to be cleaned up. There were two other interesting parts of the night, but I'll get to the tomorrow because I need the SD card from my camera and would have to get up and find it to do that right now.

To move away from negativity and irritatedness, two other random things to end this entry on. First is a screenshot from StepMania. "What's the big deal" you ask? First of all, full combo (653), as well as having "Dizzy" and "Dark" turned on. "Dark" simply makes the arrows at the top of the screen disappear. Fairly easy to deal with as long as you get into the beat of the song. As for "Dizzy", it makes all the arrows rotate. They're still divided into four separate columns, but that becomes a matter of knowing which arrows are which, or to make it easier, memorizing the "left, down, up, right" order to the point where it comes naturally. As for the other thing, it is this. I'm surprised it worked as well as it did, because from the screenshots I was thinking "ClearType still looks better", but altogether it does make a noticeable difference for the better.

Anyways, it's once again time for bed. Tomorrow probably won't go much differently than today did, but meh. One day closer to getting paid and having a couple nights off work~

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