Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At Least Three More Items

Right away, another dream I can remember having just earlier this morning. I was at Underground Tattoos again, seemingly getting my entire chest / upper body done, except by somebody other than Mel. I can faintly remember who by, but just in case I'm wrong, I think it was the other party that accompanied me the first time I went. Why they were doing the tattooing is beyond me, but they weren't doing it properly or weren't following the design I'd given them or something, because I was getting extremely impatient and generally not happy with how things were turning out, so when they got up to grab some paper towels or something, I did too, and, in a really annoyed tone of voice said "That's it". Then Mel came around the corner and asked what was going on, so I explained it to her, and asked what she was so worried about. Her response was something like a very quiet "That you won't come back", followed by me saying that I would on such and such a date as long as she would be the one fixing it, and she said that was a good idea, but instead of leaving then, we somehow both decided, without saying anything at all, that I would stay, which led to us looking for a container of some sort of blue liquid that would be used to fix the screwed up part, and then the dream ended.

Influence? Likely something that was said at work last night, but that aside, I can't help but wonder. If I had the money neither Mom or Dad minded, I think I still would like to get more, even if it's only something on my forearms or up along the sides of my neck / face. Something that would be readily visible without having to remove my shirt, because that's hardly ever an option at work. Fun to think about, if nothing else.

Thing number two happened on the way to work last night. Passing through the construction zone up by 7-11, I noticed there were some kids standing inside one of those large concrete cylinders, but just ignored them, because they did nothing more than glance at me as I walked by. That lasted for all of ten seconds though, because as I walked past the driveway into 7-11's parking lot, one of them yelled "I like your ears!", and I turned around and sort of nodded, then continued walking towards the intersection. As I was waiting for the signal to change so I could walk across the street, what would happen but two of them running up to me and asking if they could take their picture with me. Yeah, sure, I guess. The only thing to stop you would be that I'm on my way to work right now... So suffice it to say, I missed crossing the street the first time, but they got their picture and I continued on my way, so yeah.

As for the third thing, two random pictures taken at work last night. This is the back, and this is the front. I've seen several $20 bills like that now, but never in my entire life a one dollar bill. $2, yes, and I'm sure Mom has at least one tucked away in some sort of book in her room, but yeah.

Those are the only other things I had to write about for now though, so it's probably time for more StepMania or Knytt Stories, until 5 or 5:30 at which point I plan to see about procuring supper. Yesh~

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