Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have No Life <3

My biggest excitement thus far today has been waking up earlier this morning and seeing that my spam count in Gmail had reached 1,000. Truthfully I would've preferred to not have gotten up so early, but another bundle of kits were completed at Heart and Stroke this afternoon, leaving, by all appearances, one bag left, which I'd like to finish either tomorrow or on Thursday. Then there's picking through all of the kits / canvassers afterwards in the receipting system to tidy up some loose ends, because there's one where some lady has over 400 million outstanding receipts (when there are only supposed to be twenty per book), and others where the receipts have been distributed but not reconciled and so on. At least two more days worth of work, but that's exactly why I plan on going in both tomorrow and Thursday, just to get as much done as possible.

Amusingly enough though, the new area manager has started already, and is the same guy who took that picture of me back around Halloween. Michele isn't too fond of him already, for reasons that are understandable enough (changing certain things around when they were working well enough before), but all I said to the guy was "Hi", then sat down and started doing my work. In the same vein, this was supposed to be Earl's last day, so I went there before Heart and Stroke to get some food and see if he was there, but saw no sign of him. We might not be seeing the new GM tomorrow either, because there are now at least three different conflicting dates of when she'll be coming up, so we'll just see then. Also while I was there though, Warren was working, and he asked me if I was "Into roleplaying or that furry thing", so as rare as I thought it would be originally, there are still some who know enough to ask more specific questions.

So anyways, I don't have to leave for work until 8 tonight, which means I'll be heading downstairs to do the dishes once I finish this, then probably eat the kebab and a couple of the rolls left over from supper last night. Work should hopefully go well, because we have Steve, Marissa, and me closing, and Orlando's there until midnight, so if we don't have mostly everything caught up by that point it will have ended up being extremely busy. We get our pay stubs too, and now that I think of it I could've asked for mine earlier, but oh well. Probably won't be the best even if I do get more than normal, but the holiday pay is on it, so that'll help some.

At any rate, it's nearly 6, and in effort to not have to wash the supper dishes as well, I'm going to head down there right now~

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