Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Think They're Helping...

"They" being the other volunteers or even Michele. Reason being is that when I went in this afternoon, the first thing she showed me was how to add new canvassers, because one of the problems I've been running into is not being able to find certain names, and from there had me work on the pile of kits affected by that problem when she originally said I could just set them aside and she'd work on them. As for the other volunteers, I started working on the exact same bag of kits that was left in the office yesterday afternoon. To be fair, everybody in the office aside from Avi and I went to Ridgetown today, presumably for the Big Bike thing, but I'll get by. As long as the couple remaining problem kits get taken care of tomorrow, I may just be able to finish that bag and only have to go in one day next week, but if not, well, I might even ask Mom to drop me off at Heart and Stroke when we get back to Chatham on Friday so I can finish up the remaining few. At least I'm assuming the entire thing is just about done, but back when it was just being started, Michele said she figured it could be finished by the end of May, and even though it's already past, that makes the most sense.

Right now, I'm mostly just looking forward to visiting No Frills, because I want something with ice cream, but not just plain ice cream either. Sobeys might be better for that, actually, because it's closer to the house, but meh. I'll just see how long the walk takes, and if it's more than, say, half an hour, simply buy a non temperature-sensitive snack there.

Otherwise, I can't think of much else to say today, but I have about twenty minutes before 7, and as such might as well use the time for something else that's somewhat worthwhile~

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