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Screw This

I just phoned EB Games. Someone picked up on the first ring, just with "EB Games?". Asked if they got any Wiis in today "No, they're already spoken for." I am so sick and tired of all this BS with trying to get one. I've had the money upstairs for nearly a month now, and every single time I come remotely close to having the chance to use it, something has to happen. Y'know what? I should just tell Mom and Dad that's what I want for Christmas, and say that if they find a place that has one, they can come to me to get the money.

Seriously, every single time something like this happens, I have to wonder if my dream "prediction" of February 25th will really end up being that far off.

Oh and as for being sick, no change yet, really. I'm not nearly as sore as I was last night, but I am still feeling a bit nauseous, so I don't know how things are going to go today. One weird thing I found last night though was that I really can't lay with my stomach down on anything. I felt like I was going to throw up after I went back upstairs last night, so instead of just trying to find a more comfortable position in bed, I got up, and moved my blanket and pillow over to my chair. Worked like a charm, except for that I find it incredibly hard to fall asleep in that sort of position. I was able to get tired enough that I could move back to the bed, and fall asleep without too much trouble. Going to work tonight still remains uncertain, but I suppose we'll worry about that when the time comes. My butt has become so sore though that I can hardly even wipe it with toilet paper after I've finished in the bathroom. Well, that, and I can't even sit down without pain either.

Edit: And one of the reasons I want to tell my parents they can look into getting me a Wii for Christmas is that I'm getting sick and tired of all this runaround involving so much as finding out when EB Games will be getting more. I actually think that'll be my Christmas list then. A Wii, and just the regular stocking stuffers. Yeah, I would honestly prefer to get more presents, but I know I said it at least once before, that this is the first Christmas ever where we've actually had money to buy the things we wanted. Thus, there's not alot for our parents to get us.

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