Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Surprisingly Fun ^^

Sitting here at the kitchen table watching James and the Giant Peach while eating my supper, which has thus far been, for some odd reason, the most fun part of my day thus far. Well, second only to cooking the scrambled eggs which were my supper and dancing around to the song linked above. As strange as it sounds (at least to my mind), it makes me happy, and I'm only too glad I randomly happened upon it while listening to the previews of songs in some new simfiles I downloaded for StepMania. Well, I suppose in the proper furry sense the word would be "bouncy", but at any rate, it's a cool song :3 There is also this one, but it's significantly more... brash.

Anyways, that's just the way my day has been going thus far. I write one paragraph about something, and then I can't think of any way to connect to the rest of what I want to say, so it might just be better to go thing by thing.

First of all, I still plan to head out to 7-11 in an hour, not for a slurpee but for a bag of BBQ or All Dressed chips, because there's a half bag of the former on the counter, and instead of taking them away from somebody that might be planning to eat them tomorrow or on one of the following days, I shall go out and buy my own because I only ended up spending $2 at Tim Hortons this afternoon, and just on a bottle of peach juice at that.

Nothing of terrible interest happened there, aside from watching Rocky (their dog) run in his sleep and contemplating taking my camera out to film him doing so. I didn't, however, but still did take this picture, because I have nothing better to do when we're supposed to be walking into the house to get our hair cut than taking pictures of random waterfowl <3 Well, the one potentially interesting thing is actually speaking up and telling both Mom and Susan they were wrong to believe the rumors mentioned in this article. Normally I wouldn't have cared at all at just sat there while Susan cut my hair, but after listening to them (excuse me) blather on about certain religion-related stuff for a good ten minutes, I just had to say something. I'm not saying I'm an authority on the subject by any means, but it's always a good idea to have tangible evidence to support your position instead of relying purely on hearsay.

The next thing is fussiness and wondering about the use of certain words, specifically of the furry variety. I've already covered the one before, but first of all, proper use of the word furry (and these are just my own thoughts, so for both my sake and yours, pay them no mind if you prefer to think differently). "Furry" is something you can be. It is not a thing, unless you are talking about the furry fandom, in which case it is extremely absurd to simply refer to it as "furry". Which sounds better? "I am furry" or "I am into furry"? The statement is fine, but the second should read "I am into the furry fandom" if anything. Either that, or "I am into furries", but that also sounds like you're saying "I'm strictly interested in other furries", instead of the general anthropomorphic animal appreciation that the fandom is based on.

Secondly, and these are even more my own thoughts, using "furries" versus "furs". I know there's an unofficial term for somebody who's been furry for either five or ten years (I can't remember which), being "Gr(e/a)ymuzzle", but to take that a step further, "furries" sounds like a word you would use when describing a group of children or young teenagers that are part of the fandom, and "furs" for those who are, say, 20 and older. Either that, or it also seems appropriate to use "furries" when talking about a large group of them, and "furs" for just a small bunch.

The first one is still something I think should actually be a rule though, because otherwise it just sounds, well, I've already said "absurd", but that's the only word that describes it well.

Anyways, I'm going to take my overly energetic self out to 7-11 now to get a bag of chips, then watch the rest of my movie when I get back. Albeit from my room instead, but I'm starting to get tired of the kitchen anyways, so that works both ways~

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