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Calling in to work again

GG. I'm at the point where I figure I might as well call in again tonight. As long as I'm stationary, I'm fine, but when I start moving, bad things happen. Problem is that I can't bring myself to phone them, just because I'd feel so horribly guilty about doing such a thing. The thing is though, I am feeling notably better today than I was yesterday, so I would phone them, and say that I won't be in tonight, but that I will be tomorrow, but I'd rather find some way of saying "I'll be in tomorrow", that doesn't actually say "Yes, I will be for sure", or "I'm just saying that so you don't get completely angry at me."

Like, I want to go to work (fancy that), but I don't think I'd be able to handle it with the condition I'm in right now. I feel sorry for the people that have to work the shift without me there, especially seeing as I can just see them calling in Steve to take my place, when he's still new there. I know I'm screwing them over, and although it is nice in a sense to have a night off that I'm technically not scheduled for, I really feel bad about it.

Oh, and yes, new color scheme :) The darkish one was really getting old. I know it screwed up my way of keeping a chunk of text hidden in one of my old entries, but I'll be darned if I'm going back to fix that.

As for today so far, it hasn't been extremely bad. I've been in front of the computer for the whole time, so just as soon as I'm able to work up the nerve to call in sick, I plan on going out and playing Okami, or at least doing something that doesn't involve the computer. I had a couple pieces of plain toast (nothing on them) earlier, and no ill effects have come about yet, so hopefully I will be able to have some sort of supper tonight.

Well... that certainly went better than I expected. I just phoned Taco Bell, and Markie answered. She's not a manager, so the first thing I asked was who the manager there at the time was. Apparently Earl, Shelia, Josh, and Sarah are all on :p I just told her to pass along a message to one of them that I wouldn't be in tonight, so that's taken care of. Gawd, it makes me feel bad though. I swear if whatever I have right now isn't cleared up by tomorrow, and I have to call in again, I'm going to actually go there in person to tell them.

What am I trying to say with all this? Being sick sucks. Back in public school or whatever, yeah, it was fun, because you got a day off school, where you could stay home and do whatever you wanted That is, assuming you did the same thing me, Adam, and Naomi did from time to time, which was faking sick to stay home when we had a project due, or test to write or somesuch. I still remember what I told Dad or Mom every single time: "I just threw up in the toilet, but I flushed it". Even I wouldn't have believed myself :s

I do expect Josh at very least to call back though. He's hounded me before, when I first started working there, about calling in sick every single weekend, but I wasn't really sick then, and now I am. What a wonderful turn of events.

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