Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Better Sort of Night

Once again, never let it be said that we can't have fun at work. Without going into unnecessary detail, our next promotion is going to be an entire Volcano Menu, which, of course, includes the tacos that we had before, but instead of the red shells being delivered in boxes like they were before, we just get them flat in bags, and have to fry them up ourselves. That's not going to be a terribly big deal aside from them being exceedingly fragile, but if that becomes enough of an issue, customers could very well end up starting to ask for the normal yellow shells. Before they get fried though, the shells are about the same shape, size, and texture as unfried pizza shells, so we unanimously decided last night that we had to start selling Pizza Tacos too (which, it was decided closer to the end of the night, would come with tomatocheese sauce ^^;), along with Peanut Butter Pineapple Grilled Stuft Burritos, because there was a jar of peanut butter on the microwave and pineapple in the walk-in <3

Orlando actually tried two of the tacos, but both times said it was too floury and got stuck in his teeth. Still, there's that somewhat sensical idea (making it into a double-decker with nacho cheese on the outside, and new pizza-type sauce for the inside might go over well), along with those Double Crunch Crunchwraps from before (one of which almost got made last night because I put one Crunchwrap on top of the other to make things difficult for Orlando, and plenty of other ideas that you can think up with enough creativity.

The funny part about it is that I'm talking about last night, which was Saturday, and normally they're quite busy, but we didn't even make over $4,000, yet tonight we'll probably be significantly busier because it seems that's the way all Sundays go. All in all another awesome shift though (listen to me here), and the walk home was even better, because I took my shirt off before even leaving the back of Taco Bell, then walked all the way down McNaughton to Baldoon, then to Keil from there, and in between even tried taking my shoes and socks off just to see what that felt like, but apparently in order to walk quickly I actually stomp on the ground, which started to hurt after about ten minutes, and the shoes were getting heavy too, so I put them back on. Anyways, from Baldoon to Keil, then Keil to Grand, Grand to Lacroix, and from there home. Upon reviewing one of the movies I'd recorded on the way as well (for I had my camera with me) it looks and sounds like somebody was actually honking at me on the way over the Lacroix street bridge which is sort of interesting too.

One helpful (and really, quite freeing) thought I had on the way home as well was "What am I in such a rush for? As long as I'm home before the sun starts to come up I'll be happy, so why not take my time to actually notice other random things out along this walk here instead of just heading straight home?" Thus, I plan on doing that again tonight, except along a different route because I still don't like to take the same way twice. I'm also thinking that I'd like to get either a larger SD card for my camera (at least 8GB) or a bigger memory stick for my PSP, but both are simply things I'd like to have, and aren't really necessary otherwise. We might be getting our vacation pay next week though, so I might still at least check how much they are.

Anyways, now that I've reminded myself, I need to find my other two SD cards and clean some old files off of them, but just before that, another random StepMania screenshot. Well, not so random, but it was the last song I played before going to bed this morning, and I think it's quite amusing that there are exactly 1,111 "notes" in it. That is all though, because I can't think of anything else to say about that~

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